[UNBIASED] Culligan vs Kinetico Water Softeners Review

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Water is essential to life and what better way to get the best water than comparing the best– Culligan vs Kinetico water softeners.

Our Verdict

Installation – Both offer amazing performaces with a simple installation process.

Quality – For better durability and quality in performance, pick Kinetic water filter.

Warranty – Kinetic covers all form of inconvenice while Culligan doesn’t cover all.

Price – The price of the Culligan water filter is decent but it has standard features while



Kinetico and Culligan are two most popular brands that offer the best water filter and for good reasons. These two are uniquely designed with higher efficiency in mind and have shown time after time that they make quality and well performing units.

To make the best selection on top water filters for the most value, we have to do a Culligan V Kinetico comaparison.


Culligan Vs. Kinetico Water Softener

Let’s get going.



Culligan and Kinetico are ion exchange water softeners but they differ in the way they operate and quality. Kineticos cost more but amortized over their 20-year life they are a wise investment.


However, I believe a very reliable, very serviceable and long-lasting water softer (like Culligan) can be purchased that will soften your water for 1/3 – 1/2 the cost of the Kinnetico.

Both are twin tanks. At least, in most cases. Kinetico offers a 7-year warranty that covers all parts of the thing and the labor for that period.


Culligan, has their warranty exclude many, many parts-leaving very little that is “lifetime warrantied”.

Kinetico softener units moving parts are so many that even their own installers find it a pain in the butt to work with.


Culligan people find it easy to work on a Culligan and Non-culligan softener.


It really is hard to maintain their units, and even harder to put into manual regeneration, which requires using a tool, as compared to Culligan units that have user-friendly controls.

Kinetico people don’t come right on time to service your unit (if they come at all).


On first glance, the Kinetico concept appears to be a bit antiquated. I mean, who doesn’t need an appliance of any sort that doesn’t run on some form of electricity?


If you really think about it, how much do you really save by not having power? A couple of bucks maybe.


Personally, I would recommend going for Culligan. But, if you need something more fancier, you can go for Kinetico.

Culligan VS Kinetico Water Filters Comparison Table

Kinetico Water Filter Culligan Water Filter

Cleaning Efficiency

It gets rid of bad chlorine and water odor. It’s a 2-in-1 filtration facility. Culligan water filter is a 3-in-1 water filtration that gets rid of microbial cysts, bacteria and viruses.

Performance Efficiency

Kinetico has an high filtration performance that can generate 3 times per day (Up to 500 gallons). Culligan offers better stability to cleaner water supply with 46% better efficiency.

Warranty Service

Kinetico warranty can reach up to 10 years for any replacement types. Culligan on the other hand offers 2-5 years of replacement warranty for all types of inconvenience.


Kinetico water filter brings premium filer quality at an affordable price. Culligan prices are amongst the most affordable on the market.

Interesting Facts About Kinetico Water Softener

Kinteco units uses tech to offer better, cleaner and effective water so you and your family can enjoy great health. This brand has won the hearts of many over the years for its effective filtration service.

Let’s see some kinetico water filter features:

Performance Capability

Kinetico brings better solutions for water hardness removal. In fact, it can get rid of up to 225 grains of hardness from every 500 gallons of hard water.

Water Flow Capacity

The brand provides good capacity for hard water filtration and offers great water flow capacity. What that means is that you enjoy uninterrupted quick filling of jug and container with no issues at all.

Continuous Filtration

Kinetico works 24/7. It eradicates different molds, germs, and dirts from your water. The result of this is a smooth and clean water for multi-purpose.

Warranty Service

The brand promises top tier product quality and they’ve never under-delivered (according to my experience). Kintetico offers customers 1 year of lifetime warranty for any inconvenience.

Culligan vs Kinetico water softeners

Our Recommendation On Top 5 Kinetico Water Filtration System

Do you need the best kinetico water filteration system for the money? Check out these top recommended Kinetico water filters from here.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Kinetico Yellow & Orange Water Systems Pre Filters– Best Water Softener for Hard Water
  2. Kinetico Yellow Sediment & Blue Filters– Best Water Softener for Faucet
  3. Kinetico Carbon & Taste Odor Cartridge Filters– Best Water Softener for Home Use
  4. Kinetico K2 Or K5 Taste Odor and Sediment Pre Filters– Best Water Softener for Cooking
  5. Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Filter Set– Best Water Softener for Shower Heads

Facts About Culligan Water Filtration

Culligan is no different when it comes to producing premium technology of filtration systems. This brand brings safe water with a better, cheaper yet better filtration system for your home.

Let’s check out important facts of Culligan water Filters. Let’s go!

Enhanced Purity

Culligan filtration system aids in the removal of different microbes forms. Additionally, it can purify water and make it suitable for usage.

The brand also transforms hard water to soft water by taking away bacteria and germs.

Flow Capacity

To maximize water purification capacity, this Culligan water filter offers 0.5GPM (Gallons per Minute) water flow.

Although it costs less, this water filter gives more expensive water filter systems a run for their money. Culligan water filter boasts of smart features and has a quality filtration ability.

These water filters are long lasting and can be installed with ease.


With fair quality, this brand offers some of the best filters on a budget friendly cost. You can find and get these smart filters with a price limit of 160$-200$.

Warranty Service

With the Culligan water filter, you enjoy up to 2.5 years of replacement warranty.  Plus, You can have problem free restoring and repairing benefits as well.

Our Recommendation On Top 5 Kinetico Water Filtration System

Cullinganbrands offers varieties for you to choose from. Here are some examples of the best Culligan water filteration system for the money out there.

Pick one from best Culligan water filters recommended here.

Let’s have a look.

  1. Culligan US 4 EZ-Change Water FilterBest Water Softener for City Water
  2. Culligan RC 4 EZ-Change Water FilterBest Water Softener for Washing Machine
  3. Culligan P5A P5 Premium Water Filter SetBest Water Softener for Drinking
  4. Culligan RFC-BBSA Premium Water FilterBest Water Softener for Plumbing
  5. Culligan Us-3uf Ultra FilterBest Water Softener for Bathroom
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