Crickets Breeding in Lizard Tank? HOW TO GET THEM OUT!

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First, you should clean out your vivarium or cage to get rid of them. Although tiny, crickets can still feed on your beardie in it’s sleep.

You should try to dry it out for a week, any small crickets in there will die really quick. Simply take out the lizards and relocate them for a week or so. Plus, lesser/dark mealworms love to eat cricket eggs.

Crickets Breeding in Lizard Tank

I have had this issue with my Savana Monitors cage. I tried wiping the cage down with water and that did not work.

I had some “mite off” made by Repti-aid, and I sprayed the tanks and the decoration with it and they all finally died.

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I also did notice the ones which it didn’t get drowned in my monitor’s water bowl and drowned.

So, you could also try putting a small dish of water in your beardie’s tank for a few days.

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How to Remove Crickets From Tank?

Use a dust buster or vacuum cleaner to get them out. Some places, like Amazon sell a humane bug vac that traps the bugs.

How To Get Crickets Out Of Bearded Dragon Cage

If you can seal the cage and place dry ice in the cage in will kill them all.

The CO2 will provide the plants a boost and at the same time will kill anything that needs O2. However, remember to TAKE OUT ALL THE ANIMALS OUT OF THE CAGE (and be careful too since this stuff is a bit dangerous).

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This method works great but remember:

  • You should leave the vent for the O2 (Air) to escape once the dry ice has been placed. Plus, so the pressure doesn’t build up in the vivarium.
  • There should be enough dry ice to displace all the Air. You will know this is happening if dry ice smoke which is heavier then air begins coming out of the vent hole you have placed at the top of the vivarium.

This method is 100% NON-Toxic since it juts kills thing because they don’t get air to breathe.

Can You Leave Crickets In A Leopard Gecko Cage?

No, it is not safe or healthy to leave crickets in a leopard gecko cage once your pet is full.

You cannot allow feeder insects to roam the cage freely. Crickets – or other insects – left in the cage may feed on your lizard, spread pathogens and elevate your lizard’s stress level.

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Instead, feed your lizard as many crickets as he can eat in a feeding, and remove uneaten crickets immediately afterwards.

Some Crickets Killed My Lizard – Why?

Are you really sure? There could be several factors that may cause the death of your lizard.

A necropsy will be your best bet. Sorry for your loss.

Why are Crickets Hiding in Terrarium?

This is a frustrating issue, but there are two solutions:

  • You could switch and use flying insects as food instead since they only want to escape when inside a tank. So, your animal can see them when they settle on the floor and eat them.
  • Constantly changing their hiding spots (logs, wood, stick, leaves, branches, substrate, paper towels, etc.) and replacing it with flat tile and so on.

You either deal w/ it & move stuff around every time to feed him (risking stress). Or you do what I did.

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