Is Your Concord WRS Boiler not Firing Up? EASY FIX!

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Is your concord WRS boiler not firing up when you need it to? The issues could be from the pilot. Try turning the pilot up to have enough heat so the device can function properly. Start by adjusting the pilot with a sunken grab screw at the igniter panel bottom.

If that doesn’t fix it then your boiler might require a new part. These boilers are old and seem to fail when they’ve been turned off for whatever reason. They’re just like a light bulb that fail as you turn them on.

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You can employ the services of a plumber; it might just require a new gas valve btw.

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Ideal Concord WRS Boiler pilot light gone out

Hold the grey knob in for about 40 seconds whilst repeatedly pressing the white button. Then hold it in for another 40 seconds.

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If it doesn’t work after that, then it is time to call someone in.

Concord WRS Boiler not Firing

Concord Wrs Boiler Parts

Most of its part are probably the same as one used in other similar broilers or that era. But, unless you’re confident that you can find the correct replacement on eBay then you had better face up to the fact that it’s well about time to get a new boiler.

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