Compu Pool Water Fault Problems & SOLUTIONS

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Compu Pool Water faults are becoming more and more annoying these days. That is why we will be listing some of the issues you might be encountering and how to best solve them.

Compu Pool Water Fault

Honestly, I have no beef with Compupool and I have watched them get better over the years. However, I still believe they can do better:

Here is the best way to troubleshoot your unit:

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. It looks like your flow is good, and you say your salt level is good. Maybe there is something messed up with your cable or cable connection.

  • Water Fault LED on.

It is a indication that you either have an insufficient or no water flow through cell.

So, check that YOUR PUMP is working as it should and turns off and on with chlorine generator with the timer.

Make sure your pump strainer baskets aren’t clogged

Check that all valves are opened the right way. Check for any blockages.

Clean or backwash filter if dirty.

  • Pump Speed too Low (for multi speed pumps)

Just increase the pump speed so your water flow through the cell can stay consistent and sufficient.

  • No salt in pool water.

No enough salt in there? Simply add pool water to reach the recommended level of 3000-4000ppm (3500 ideal).

  • Cell Cable not connected to Power Module.

Double check that the cell cable connector is fitted to the Power Module receptacle correctly. The locking collar should be tightened firmly too.

  • Damaged Cell Cable.

Check that your cell cable isn’t damaged. If it is, now will be a great time to get one.

  • Very cold pool water.

Do you have a pool water that is below 45° Fahrenheit, chlorine production will cease and the Water Fault LED will turn on. The pool should be winterized (see section 10.4).

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Compu Pool Water Fault

Compupool Water Fault Light on And No Flow Of Water!! What Can I Do?

Do the following:

  • First, Unplug the washer!
  • Take away the 2 screws from either side where the control panel is at.
  • Then pull the control toward you a ¼”, and then rotate it up and all the way over.
  • Take away the white plastic wire connector to the top panel (there should be 3 wires in it).
  • Take out the dual clips on either side of the top panel. You can use a screwdriver to achieve this. Poke the screwdriver into the top panel to engage the clip, now rotate the screwdriver toward the back panel.
  • Now, lift the lid (for a hand hold) and rotate the whole cabinet forward to around 45-degree angle then slide it towards you. Set it aside.
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