Comfortbilt hp22i Pellet stove Fireplace Insert Reviews

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With zero clearance, the ComfortBilt HP22i Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert is an appealing and efficient alternative to the HP22 free-standing pellet stove.


Working in tandem with the room blower, the bay view window heats the space in three directions.

Pellet stove fireplace insert ComfortBilt HP22i has the following features:

  • A certified 50,000 BTU heater can heat up to 2,800 square feet if the weather is moderate.
  • The EPA and the CSA are involved. Verified to meet or exceed all federal emissions regulations and requirements
  • Thanks to an efficient heat exchanger and a strong room fan, moist heat can be extracted from pellets.
  • Heavy gauge exterior is simple to clean.
  • A hopper with a capacity of 47 pounds; ashes fall into a fixed ash container mechanically.
  • On the lowest level, the heater may run for 18 hours.
  • Thanks to a programmable thermostat, Pellet stoves may be kept at a consistent temperature.
  • Standard rear-mounted 3″ exhaust and 2″ intake ports
  • Required a cavity at least 24.5″ high and 18″ deep and 21.5″ broad.
  • The final cover shroud for the fireplace is 43″ wide and 33″ tall.
  • A complimentary ash vacuum, worth $69, is included with every HP22I insert model.
  • A one-year limited warranty covers Parts and servicing on the HP22i Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert.

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In what country are Comfortbilt’s pellet stoves made?

Since our stoves are made in China, Ningbo is where the final assembly occurs. Parts are sourced from all over the world and assembled there.

To guarantee that the motors, switches, ignition, and airflow performance satisfy our specifications when the stoves are delivered to us, our inspection team performs a 24-point check.

Due to the quality of our products and excellent customer service, our stoves have constantly received five-star ratings from customers all over the web.


Are these stoves so loud?

They may be pretty quiet at lower levels if they include an adjustable room blower/distribution fan. This is one of the quietest pellet stoves our clients have ever used.

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How do I know whether I need to add an outside air kit or cold air return to my home?

The outside air kit is not required for the vast majority of installations. An external air supply is recommended/required for mobile homes, garage/basement/shop settings, or stoves built at elevations of over 5,000 ft. Low-elevation stick-built homes, where the stove is located on the main floor, may get all the oxygen it needs from the inside.

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Cooking stove instructions are available at

Does it have a remote?

Yes, a remote thermostat may be connected to the stove.

Our stoves are equipped with a built-in temperature sensor that allows them to determine the temperature of the space in which they are being used. “Temperature” mode will automatically change to meet your selected degree of heat.

When our Wifi controllers are certified by the EPA, there is no way to use an external thermostat at this time.

If I set the burner to a specific temperature, would it turn off automatically?

When the target temperature is reached, most stoves include an ECO option to shut off completely.

The burner will automatically re-ignite once the temperature drops by around 5° F and bring the room back to the appropriate temperature.

As long as the stove doesn’t have an ECO option, it will go into “pilot mode” and keep running at its lowest setting.

Hardwood vs. softwood pellets: what’s the difference?

You may require more airflow to burn a softwood pellet since they burn hotter and create more ash than hardwood pellets.

It may also need more frequent cleaning and maintenance. An excellent pellet that has been stored in a cool, dry area is the most vital.

The more information about the pellet on the bag, the more the manufacturer’s pride in the pellet. In terms of (BTU production, fines and dust content, moisture content, ash content, etc…) If you want more BTUs, look for a pellet with low moisture and ash content. A comfortable stove can burn both hardwood and softwood pellets.

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Is it possible to use these stoves in the open air?

Stoves made by ComfortBilt are intended to be used inside a home. Because most electronic components aren’t waterproof, they’ll break down faster if left out in the rain or snow.

However, burning a pellet stove outside (or in an open-air room/deck/porch) would be like running the heat in your car while the windows were rolled up. There would be some heat from the vents, but it would rapidly evaporate.

Difficulties with comfortable pellet stoves.

The stove is simple to fill and clean. This stove has exceeded my expectations in every way. Comfortable stoves are a great option to consider because of their high level of quality. So far, there hasn’t been a single complaint!

How long can a pellet stove last?

When used as directed for their intended purpose, pellet stoves can last ten years. Pellet stoves may last anywhere from a few years to more than a decade if they are well-built and consistently maintained.

I can’t figure out why my pellet stove keeps crashing.

The most common reasons for pellet stove malfunctions include a filthy stove and an air adjustment that doesn’t deliver enough heat.

In addition, a worn or damaged element might be preventing your pellets from being fed into the drill correctly.

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