Is Your Click Clack Waste Stuck Down? FAST FIX!

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Need to know the best way to release a stuck click clack waste plug that is stuck in the closed position? Here are some quick solutions to your problem!

Click Clack Waste Stuck Down

Solution One

  • Take the tap off
  • Using a screwdriver, attempt to push it up from underneath or try to spin it to unscrew it from the top.
  • Next, take out the spring mechanism and inspect closely.
  • Then unscrew the cap from the barrel. If it is brass, you can use bleach on it and that should fix it! If bot, your best option might be to replace it in the long run.

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Solution Two

The top should unscrew to reveal the mechanism. You should use a downward pressure from rubber gloves, or something with a similar grip, to turn it.

If the mech has seized due to corrosion, dirt or something similar then you should be able to release it with a good clean and some penetrating or easing oil.

Click Clack Waste Stuck Down

Click Clack Sink Plug Stuck

These things are really cheap Amazon (CHECK ON AMAZON), Ebay, and a doddle to replace. Simply unscrew top disc, take away the mechanism with a small spanner and replace! Bingo!

Just make sure you get the correct length (at least two). I recommend having spares because sooner or later it will fail.

While you’re waiting for it to arrive, a cheap old basin plug will suffice.

My Click Clack Waste has Got Jammed Stuck On Its Way Up Which Is Stopping It Popping Up

Use a rubber sucker (or the ones found on kids toys) to remove mains voltage halogen bulbs.

The plug top will need to nice and clean for it to work. Push it down as far as it will go, then pull up.

The issue here is almost certainly a build-up of scale on the metal portion, and/or distortion/deterioration of the rubber seal around the plug – but these are unique to each manufacturer and somewhat hard to track down.

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