Chick Hatched With Something Attached? SIMPLE FIX!

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So your chick hatched with something attached and now you’re worried? Well, don’t panic, okay? I have had two chicks do this but with a red bubble from her vent.

I believe your chick hatched out too quickly and as such might have a string hanging down. Look closely, can you see this string? It could be the vein that hasn’t quite absorbed all the blood, and is your chick walking around and acting normal? If so, it doesn’t look like an intestine problem.

Just give it time – as far as she is walking and chirping fine. She will be alright once that attachment dries out. But, if she is weak, then provide her with some baby vitamins to help give her some strengths.

She should be feeling and looking better once she’s all dried up.

Chick Hatched With Something Attached

You might find some yellow stuff in her egg shell that look like yolk – that’s perfectly normal. They tend to leave this yellowish substance behind. I describe it as poop, haha. A kind of whitish/yellow poop.

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Is there a pool of blood there? If she isn’t bleeding then she will be fine. Just wait until it dries off and see if this thing that’s hanging doesn’t shrivel up and then fall off after some days.

Prolapse Chick hatched with intestines out

If they are out, we recommend very gently pushing them back in. Try to do this as soon as you notice this as it might be too late if the umbilical completely closes.

Prolapse Chick hatched with intestines out

If its more serious, try this:

  • Use a little bit of alcohol to clean the skin and use 1 scant drop of crazy glue (easiest method)
  • or an ordinary sewing thread and needle (clean or sterilized in boiling water).
  • One or two stitches at most will hold it closed.
  • After a week, take off the stitch.
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Help with Chick Hatched with Unabsorbed Yolk

No need to panic. Just cut off some of the yolk and keep the rest moist while it absorbing back in.

Chick Hatched with Big Belly

Keep the humidity in your incubator between 25-35 %.

If the big belly is making it hard for it to walk, keep it in a shallow dish or cup for a while and let the swelling go down.

Ensure the chick is comfortable (not too far or too close to heat).

Keep an eye on her and observe.

Some common antibiotic cream, like Neosporin, would be good for the navel area.

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Chick Umbilical Cord Scab Bleeding

The day old chicks normally have their belly button area crusted over a bit and this scab should NOT be removed as it is a remnant of hatching that will dry up and eventually fall off on its own.

Chick Umbilical Cord Scab Bleeding

Pulling it off can harm the chick, cause disembowelment and some serious infection.

Chick Hatched with Bloody Navel

If you have a spray bottle you could mist the incubator to keep the humidity up while you rescue your silkie. You could put betadine and neosporin without the pain reliever on the chicks navel to prevent infection.

Chick Hatched Before Yolk Absorbed

If your chick hatched before it absorbs the yolk then try putting it in a shallow cup and hope it will finish absorbing it.

Chick Hatched with Bald Spot

This sounds like feather pecking. Chicks might peck one another after hatching because of boredom.

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