3 Cheap sun shelf chairs for Pools for the Money

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Do you need a ledge lounger chair or sun shelf chair so bad but cannot bring yourself to pay $700 or more for one? We have here some alternative cheap sun shelf chairs for pools.


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Cheap sun shelf chairs for Pools

Listed here are the best pool sun shelf chairs for the money:

  • SwimWays Terra Sol Sonoma Chaise Lounge – White


Don’t have hundreds to spend on a brand name? This is for you! They ship and arrive fast plus they look great and attractive too. Mine have been taking a beating from my neighbors’ kids and still hold up great, even with long hours of use.

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They are shaped well and are very comfortable. I added a pillow to the top of the lounger and it felt PERFECT! That increased the comfortability levels.

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  • Keter Set of 2 Pacific Sun Lounge Outdoor Chaise Pool Chairs with Resin Rattan Look and Adjustable Back, Oasis White

So, I was a bit hesitant to purchase after some of the reviews. really needed seating for pool ledge, and didn’t want to spend $1,000+ on one.

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These are very comfortable and simple to move around and stack. The company Keter is great to deal with. Their customer care is helpful and professional too.

Cheap sun shelf chairs for Pools

  • Others

You can find several other chaise lounge chairs on Amazon marketplace.

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