Car Horn Goes Off in The Middle of The Night – HOW TO FIX!

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Is your car honking at night? I could bet it is a moisture issue in the relay.

Car Horn Goes Off in The Middle of The Night

The horn relay is typically mounted on the firewall or a fender under the hood and are prone to take a beating from the weather from time to time.

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To fix car horn that keeps going off randomly, do this:

  • Disconnect the wire to the horn
  • Then have someone press on the horn button while listening for the clicking
  • The part to replace usually costs 10 bucks or less (CHECK ON AMAZON).

If after replacing, the problem doesn’t seem to go away then it is probably a wiring problem and will be much harder to track down.

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  • Simply watch out for chafed wires that may be shorting out on a metal part or a issue in the steering column, which can be serious pain to reach.
  • Hire the services of a mechanic.

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