Can You Treat Blanket Weed in Winter? SEE HERE!

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Blanket weed in winter can be fudging painful especially when it comes alongside hair like algae. Personally, I had to empty my pond due to one reason or another so once the fresh water was put back in, I treated my pond with Pink Crystals thinking it would stop the blanket weed from appearing from the get go. I had zero blanket weed (BUY ON AMAZON) all year round and my pond is in direct sun light 99% most of the day and so my ideal worked really well!

However, I found another solution that works too.

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blanket weed in winter

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Can You Treat Blanket Weed in Winter?

Yes, you can. However, there are some more resistant strains of blanket weed you can get. The best means of dealing with it is to cut off its food supply. That means you need to get a test kit and check out the phosphate and nitrate levels. You can only use water changes so dilute them out if your tap water level is lower.

If you’re still fighting with it despite pink crystals when temperature shoot up then also using Viresco can help.

Drums are good with dealing with removing free strands of it such as during a die back when you’ve treated. They won’t prevent it but they can control it. I recommend you stop feeding the koi so they munch it – surprisingly effective.

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The minimum temperature for blanket weed treatment is 10 degrees so unless you can get the temperature up, another action you can take is to pull it or wait.

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