Can You Swim with a Robotic Pool Cleaner? ANSWERED!

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While you can swim while your bot cleans the pool, it is recommended that you do not.

Swimming agitates the water. If the machine is submerged at the time, it will be buffeted by the current, making it more difficult for it to complete its task. It will have to work harder in order to cover the same amount of ground.

I’ve swum while the robot was in motion. Electrical shock is extremely unlikely to occur if the power supply is connected to a proper GFCI outlet.

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The entanglement risk would be greater. It operates on 24 volts direct current, which means that if it fails, you may receive a shock when exiting the pool.

That is acceptable. I believe the instructions state not to because they are afraid of children/adult children A) becoming entangled in any of the moving parts OR B) someone pulling on it and the power supply falling into the water.

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Can You Swim with a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Can You Swim with a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

The simple answer to this age-old conundrum is yes, you can. Many users have no problems wading through the pool water while their robot chills at the base.

As long as the robotic pool cleaner is idle, you are more than welcome to spend the day in the warm water of your swimming pool. Simply ensure that nobody steps on it!

Can You Swim in Your Pool While the Robotic pool cleaner Is Working?

Another frequently asked question about robotic pool cleaners is this: can owners enjoy their pools while the robot is in the middle of a clean cycle?

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Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. All of your movements as you and your guests swim in the pool will stir up the water. When you stir the water, you are mixing newly filtered water with contaminated water, making near-perfect cleaning nearly impossible for robotic pool cleaners.

Additionally, because your robotic pool cleaner is connected to the remote control via a floating cable, it is very likely that you or one of your guests will run into the robot or the cable accidentally.

And the worst-case scenario is that you tug on the cable and the remote control falls into the pool.

Can I Leave a Robotic pool cleaner in My Pool?

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the robotic pool cleaner is powered by electricity. If something goes wrong, there is a slight possibility that the robot will transform into a toaster, shocking anyone in your pool.

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While it is generally considered acceptable to swim while your robot is working, users should exercise caution in determining whether the risk is worth the reward.


You certainly can. Robotic pool cleaners are constructed of waterproof, corrosion-resistant components that withstand exposure to water and low concentrations of pool chemicals.

It is entirely possible to leave your robot in the pool overnight or even for weeks at a time if you are not in the mood to fish it out each time you want to take a dip.

Simply ensure that the floating cable is disconnected from the robot before cannonballing into your pool. Again, you may unintentionally tug on the floating cable, resulting in the remote control falling into the pool water.

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