Can You Put Too Much Baking Soda In Pool? & WHAT TO DO IF THAT HAPPENS

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Yes, using too much baking soda in pool water will raise alkalinity and PH further. That results in calcium buildup in your swimming pool, and may cause cloudy water. Even worse, clog your pool filters needing a replacement.

Effects of Putting too Much Baking Soda In Pool

Overuse of household baking soda in pools results in a lower pool’s alkalinity and PH levels.

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Adding too much baking soda/chlorine might affect your pool’s total alkalinity levels. It’s a condition called pH bounce.

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What to do if That Happens

  • Test your pH. Keep using acid to lower it to 7.2. Test your TA every couple times you add acid.

If you notice a greenish thing in your pool, then that’s probably iron buildup caused by the high PH. As PH increases, the iron oxidizes. Check to see if your cartridge filters are covered in iron. Clean if so.

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Too Much Baking Soda In Pool

Cloudy Pool Water – Too much baking soda?

Increasing a pool’s water TA too much can get it cloudy. It is a condition known as over-saturation of calcium carbonate (i.e. the saturation index is too high).

Rather, get yourself a good test kit. The Taylor K-2006 or the Tftestkits to read the levels, properly. CYA levels might be high and 3 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) will not be enough in such a case.

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Additionally, Pool cloudiness is the first sign of algae growth. With a full set of numbers, you can understand what is going on. In the meantime, you should consider raising the chlorine level up higher – at least get it to 6 ppm FC until you can get things better tested.

This isn’t a shock level, but since we don’t know your CYA level I don’t want to get the chlorine too high.

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