Can You Paint A Silver Aluminum Greenhouse Green? FIND OUT!

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Yes, you can paint a silver aluminum greenhouse green by using primer first and then spray painting using a spray gun (CHECK ON AMAZON).

Remember, the secret here is to etch primer as that would make it combine with the metal (or something like that and makes the paint stick like hell. However, there might be little damages along the bottom rail – but it’s usually NOT something serious.

Can You Paint A Silver Aluminum Greenhouse Green?

Of course, you can. However, you first need to prime the surface and apply paint for metals.

Note: This task is costly and time-consuming but it is cheaper than buying them green. For the best results, you should ensure the greenhouse is powder coated and that it colors silver aluminum frame green and protects it from rust and discoloration.

Can You Paint A Silver Aluminum Greenhouse Green

How to Paint Aluminum Greenhouse?

Before attempting to paint, check to see if the greenhouse aluminum is polyester powder coated.

  • Use a soap, water and sponge to was the cut aluminum sections, then rinse, and prepare the primer.
  • Apply the primer (CHECK ON AMAZON)
  • Then apply the paint in its powder form using a spray-gun that uses an electro-static charge so the paint adheres to the aluminum in a smooth, even layer.
  • The painted sections are then passed through an oven, bonding the paint to the aluminum.
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Or you can simply use a self-Etching Primer on aluminum which provides the best adhesion and smoothness of the top coat. Then apply a few coats of spray paint for metal and finish with a coat of sealer.

To increase your chances of success, paint the greenhouse as soon as you just ordered it, before assembling. That way you are able to lay all parts flat and apply paint equally. To paint an already existing greenhouse, you would need to take away the polycarbonate or glass panels which is dangerous and time-consuming.

Dangers of Painting Aluminum Greenhouse Kits

If your aluminum greenhouse features polycarbonate panels, then its clips, slots, and bars should not be painted. Because if painted, it can interfere with panel fittings.

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 paint for greenhouse wood

What Paint to Use on Aluminum Greenhouse Frame?

Aluminum surface is non-porous and doesn’t hold paint too well. Plus, if it creates an oxide coating that doesn’t protect the metal beneath.

That is why we recommend using a Self-Etching Primer. It uses a special combination of chemicals that micro-etch the aluminum frame for the best bond possible.

The easiest way is to purchase a spray primer and spray it on the frame in thin coats. Let it dry completely and then you can apply paint. To paint aluminum greenhouse frame you need to use acrylic or latex paint designed for use on metal. Also make sure that it is for outdoor use. Most of the time it will have a label “exterior grade”.

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You can either use a brush or spray the paint (I prefer this). Also, some might require you apply coatings (So, read the instructions properly) and make sure the surface is totally dry between paintings.

The last step is to apply a minimum of two coats of enamel sealer. That not only prevents paint from chipping, but it also protects painted aluminum from scratching and fading over the years.

Here is an example of a sealer you can use for aluminum greenhouse frame.


Green Aluminum Greenhouse Frame

You might have seen some green aluminum greenhouses while shopping for greenhouses. The green finish you see is powder coating that not only lets greenhouse fit in with the interior but also protects aluminum frame from oxidizing and pitting.

Powder coated options are available in a range of colors including:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black

You can pick one that fits your garden’s color scheme. But, getting powder coated finish will cost less money than simply buying plain aluminum frame.

But what does powder coating mean? It refers to a process of applying dry paint to a part. That paint is applied electrostatically and then is cured under heat. That means it resistant to scratching, chipping, fading and wearing off. Besides, it also protects the whole structure from discoloration and rust.

Is it Worth Painting Silver Aluminum Greenhouse Green?

Plain silver alumni greenhouse requires simple cleaning routines and easy cleaning. But, a painted greenhouse (especially) is even better (in terms of aesthetics), but will need more maintenance routine.

I recommend going for polyester powders since they have a high gloss and color retention that allows them withstand long term exposure to sunlight and moisture that might cause adhesion. It is really important for outdoor structures such as greenhouses.

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best color to paint a greenhouse

Can I Paint the Aluminum Components in My Kit Greenhouse?

Yes, you can use a powder coated type of pain to spray the aluminum components in your kit greenhouse.

They cost more and typically come in forest green. Plus, a powder coated model generally look better than a homemade paint job unless you really know your stuff, and would be well worth the cost unless you enjoy dabbing paint by the hour.

As for using cedar. Traditionally, cedar is allowed to be oiled (and boy is it already oily). Regular paint won’t last long on cedar wood. However, recent technology has made it possible to use certain coatings on cedar.

Can I Paint my Garden Arch?

Yeah. However, it will depend on the coating use or what is already painted.

If a powder coating is used than you need a paint that will bond to plastic. If it’s painted with normal paint then a light sanding and an external paint should do the trick. Touch up areas that might look odd too.

If it’s a steel one (like the black paint many come with (, you can sand the paint down until the metal begins showing and leave it to go rusty by itself, which is simply accelerating nature and will likely be the most pleasing to the eye over time.

If you found the information shared here useful, do not hesitate to share and if you’ve got more questions, kindly leave us a message or comment below.

Happy growing!

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