Can You Eat Plums with Worms/Maggots? SEE HERE!

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Yes, you can eat plums with worms. These types of worms are safe for human consumption.

Did you notice little white maggot looking things in your plums after eating them and are wondering if you’ll be alright?

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Can You Eat Plums with Worms?

Yes, you can and if you mistakenly ate it, you should be fine. Not all insects are toxic and these types are safe for human consumption.

Humans, right from time have deliberately and unknown been consuming insects for as long as man began farming.

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It is good to know that only very few are toxic. In fact, the U.S.D.A has standards for how many fruit fly maggots and eggs can be legally contained in foods such as tomato paste, more for aesthetic than health reasons.

So, you see, you’ve been eating insects your whole life, whether you was aware or not.

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