Can You Cut PVC With A Miter Saw? ANSWER HERE!

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A miter saw can cut PVC but it won’t give it a complete clean edge. There will still be cuts that will need a few seconds of sanding.


Can You Cut PVC With A Miter Saw?

Yes, you can. A Miter saw will cut PVC with no issue, but you’ll still need to sand a little in some areas since it won’t give it a completely new cut.

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Personally, I USE MITER SAW for all my PVC cuts. You will see one little blurr where the last part of the blade is. Simply pick up a file or a knife and cut it off. You can use whatever blade you already own (it doesn’t matter). When you put a piece of pipe into a fitting it doesn’t seal with the end it seals on the surface so who cares if it is a little rough on the end.

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Can I cut PVC with Chop Saw?

Yes, cutting PVC with a chop saw is possible. Simply spin the blade up to full RPM then cut the pipe. It will cut the material and leave a clean edge.

Can I use a Reed Ratcheting Cutter for PVC?

A REED ratcheting cutter is the best way to cut. It gives a straight cut 99.9% of the time. The only time it won’t give a straight cut is when you’re trying to shorten a pipe by less than 3/4″. Outside of that no complaints.

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Can You Cut PVC With A Miter Saw

Dangers of Cutting PVC with a Circular Saw?

Using a circular saw to cut PVC means that it can bind and shatter.

To solve burring, simply use a hand held “cone shaped” tool. It has a pointy end on the inside, and a con-caved out for the outside.

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