Can Tacoma Take E85 Fuel? [ANSWERED]

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Yes, your Tacoma can take the E85 fuel. The E85 burns a little cleaner, and is supposedly a “green fuel”. Plus, the performance boost it gives is insane.

These days, I hardly see e85 on sale anymore as it appears that newer car models aren’t e85 compatible. Back in 2008, I had a 2008 F150. I tried e85 several times and the drop in gas mileage was greater than the drop in fuel price.

Can Tacoma Take E85 Fuel?

Older models of the Tacoma can take the e85 gas or fuel with no issues. I can’t say the same for newer models.

In my experience, you enjoy greater power if your motor is at the limits of pump gas. In an N/A stock motor car its very low compression. So no timing being pulled because you’re not detonating.

Real power begins comes to play when you begin pushing limits of the pump has. It’s just like adding race fuel. It uses plenty of resources to detonate so you can run longer boost, more timing and more compression.

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N/A high-performance motors like F1 need e99 because of the compression and timing they run.

Can Tacoma Take E85 Fuel

Can Tacoma Take E85 Gasoline?

Yes, it can. Most times, E85 is around 20-30% less dense than gas depending on the mix. That means you can loose a good amount of gas mileage.

My friends Talon gets about 150-200 miles a tank now but gets over 300 in the past. It does not run richer. You must add more fuel to get the same air-fuel ratio. So you’re using 20% more fuel but its not running richer.

Here are some other disadvantages of using e85:

  • E85 Goo

Yes, you heard that right. With continuous use, something will break down after some time and will clog injectors.

You will need to run a tank of gas every couple of months to help keep the injectors clean.

  • You’ll need a Tuner

This is another can. Although E85 is a great alternative to race gas, what happens when you want to use standard gas?

This is where a hand held tuner comes in place. With it, you can flash between E85 and standard gas.

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Yes my talon has three tunes. I run a program that reflashes the eprom on the stock ecu that was socketed and replaced. Street tune, race tune and gas tune. The stock ecu can handle up to 2000cc injectors with this tuning program.

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Which Toyota Vehicles Use E85 Fuel?

If you reside in a state or area where E85 is of common use, then you may find it interesting that THE Tundra and Sequoia FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicles), are compatible with E85.

The 2 Toyota vehicles compatible with E85 are:

  • The hard-working 2016 Toyota Tundra pickup truck and the
  • Family-Friendly 2016 Toyota Sequoia SUV.

Yes! Each of these running on the e85 fuel will deliver a quick, power-packed and reliable performance.

The 2016 Toyota Tundra with its 381 horsepower 5.7-liter V-8 power core under the hood and a new 38-gallon fuel tank will now offer flex fuel capability.

Good news! As this allows you save money on fuel use even with lower fuel economy estimates in most cases.

Plus, using E85 will still allow you to tow massive amounts of cargo. Toyota Sequoia models powered by the 5.7-liter V-8 will see similar performance characteristics when you use E85 fuel.

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If going frugal is your thing, then E85 gasoline is the answers to your prayers.

Again, yes, you can use E85 fuel in your Toyota with no issues at all.

Does E85 Reduce Emissions?

Yes, it does, in my experience.

Do Most Gas Stations Have E85?

It depends. Some areas do, other areas don’t. So, you’ve got to go out and find out.

How can I do an E85 Conversion on my Engine?

It would cost you a few hundred dollars (not sure which vehicles they were talking about though) but it can be generally done. Yes, you can convert your existing engine to an E85.

Here is how they do it:

  • Put in stainless lines
  • Get rid of rubber fittings, then change the sensors

That’s it! Easy peasy.

The fantastic thing about E85 engines is that you can also run regular gasoline in them if you are unable to locate an E85 station.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have comparably priced fuel, support the local farmers, have less emissions, the same if not better performance and not have to buy oil from the Middle East?

This is exactly what you provide and enjoy when you run e85!

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