Can Roosters Lay Eggs? – The Mystery Behind it EXPLAINED!

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Roosters can’t lay eggs because they are make chickens. Only female chickens, also known as hens are capable of laying fertile and infertile eggs.

A fertile egg is one that involves a male cock; fertilization occurs (a.k.a rooster mating with a pullet/hen while an infertile one does not require any form of mating at all.

A hen that does not mate with a rooster will lay infertile eggs, a.k.a table eggs! It is what is mostly sold in supermarkets!

Buuuuut there might be exceptions:

Scenario 1

It is possible if an hen become dominant and takes the roosters place and grew feathers like a rooster and possibly crow like a rooster…now that is possilbe it is rare but possible.

Scenario 2

If your ‘rooster’ was a hen at one point and one of her ovaries was damaged and there was a spike in her testosterone and reverted to a rooster and now she is reverting to a hen again and laid an egg.

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Can Roosters Lay Eggs?

As earlier stated, Roosters are males and are not physically capable of laying eggs.

Hens are the egg layers because they are female.

During mating, the rooster lay on top of the hen and transfer its sperm into the hen, so that it will fertilize with the hens eggs and it will later develop in an egg.

Biologically speaking, roosters/cocks/cockerels are the males of chickens and as such their reproduce organs aren’t designed to produce egg but to release sperm that will fertilize instead.

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The hen lays eggs. But, some farm owners might claim that their dear rooster lay eggs. Happy to report that this claim is false. A rooster laying on top an egg or being close to one does not mean he laid it.

Also, the unusual egg size or color you find in your coop does not mean a cock laid it. Fir many reasons, egg laying hens can take a break from laying the usual size, type, or number of eggs.

Factors such as maturity, health complications, poor nutrition, chicken breed, etc., typically affect egg production. Besides, some hens might look like roosters in appearance.

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do roosters lay eggs

Do Chickens Need A Rooster To Lay Eggs?

No, they do not. However, if you plan to hatch your own chickens via an incubator or using a broody hen, you will need a male rooster to do its thang!

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Hens can lay eggs without a rooster. But, the eggs will be unfertilized and won’t hatch.

Benefits of a Rooster to the Flock

  • They have more meat
  • They are good protectors and will ward off intruders.
  • They are colorful and will beautify your flock

Do Bantam Roosters Lay Eggs?

No, bantam roosters can’t lay eggs.

Do Female Roosters Lay Eggs?

No! because there is no such thing as “female roosters”. A rooster is male chicken while an hen is a female chicken.

Does a Hen or Rooster sit on Eggs?

Roosters ccan sit on a clutch of eggs to warm them but it is a hen that sits to hatch them into chicks.

Do Roosters have balls?

Yes, they do. But, it is hardly visible and mostly internal.

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