WHERE Can I Use My iPad As a Document Camera? FIND OUT

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While you are video conferencing and trying to teach on the various video streaming platforms available, you would want to share documents, books, manipulatives, maps, and files as teaching aids. To do this you would need a document camera.

Not having a document camera should not constitute a limitation if all you have is an iPad device. It is very much possible to use an iPad as a document camera on Zoom as I will show you right away.

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Can I Use My iPad as a Document Camera on Zoom?

To use your iPad device as a document camera on Zoom, download and install the Zoom app on it. Join a Zoom meeting using the iPad as a second device and click on the “Share Content” button.

Click on “Screen”, then click on “Broadcast Zoom”, and start the broadcast by clicking on “Start Broadcast”.

Everything your iPad’s camera is capturing would be shared on your Zoom meeting. Alternatively, you can use a USB cable to connect your iPad to Zoom and use it as a document camera.

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How to Connect Your iPad to Zoom Via a USB Cable?

Once your iPad is connected to your laptop, click on the “Share Screen” on the Zoom screen after you have started or joined a meeting.

On the “Share Screen” menu, click on “iPhone/iPad via Cable” and then on “Share Screen”. If your iPad is not connected properly, you will see a message explaining how to correctly connect a device.

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When your iPad is connected, the iPad’s screen would be shared on the Zoom meeting.

Bonus Tip: Ensure your iPad is set to “Do Not Disturb” so that incoming alerts will not be shared as well. Before sharing the iPad’s screen, enable Do Not Disturb from your iPad’s Control Center.

Also, do not connect audio when trying to connect your iPad as a document camera. Doing so will enable audio feedback and may constitute a nuisance.


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