Can I Put Solar Cover On Pool After Shocking? [ANSWERED]

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Of course not. It is generally a good idea to remove the cover when shocked (high chlorine levels).

A solar blanket during the day will heat the pool. So, it is better to put the cover on at least 30 minutes to 24-48 hours after shocking the pool.

With a blue cover, you will probably enjoy more heating with the cover off since the sun’s rays can get to the bottom of the pool and heat from the bottom up.

With a cover on during shock, you are sending the heat from the cover to the top of a few inches so you will get some heat that way.

The tradeoff is that it’s a pain to keep pulling the cover on and off. If you know it will be mostly sunny then that would be a good day to take the cover off. A solar mat might be something to consider – it’s a big black mat that hooks up to your filter so water is pumped through it and the sun warms it up before it goes back in the pool.

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Can You Add Chemicals with Solar Cover On?

Yes, you can. What you want to do is to leave some clear area between the edge of the pool and the cover to pour the chemicals.

You don’t need to take away the cover, you just need enough room so you aren’t splashing any full-strength chemicals on the cover.

When you are done with the addition of the chemicals, you can proceed to pull the cover back into place.

There are some exceptions to this. The cover should be fully removed when you are shocking the pool or lowering your TA level. But for most routine chemical additions you don’t need to fully remove it.

Is it OK to Shock A Pool with The Cover On?

I recommend leaving the pool open if you’re using a shock to eliminate the algae or the CC.

This creates space for the volatile disinfection byproducts to escape from and the UV light from sunlight can aid in getting rid of it.

Persistent CC is said to be caused by keeping the pool covered after shocking.

Should You Leave Solar Cover Off After Shocking Pool?

Yes! You should. It is always best to not close the cover right away after shocking the pool.

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Before securing the lid, wait some hours so the pool can breathe.

Regular water testing with a test kit is a welcome idea.

Can You Keep Solar Cover on When Shocking Pool?

The general rule is to wait at least 30 minutes or an hour after adding chemicals before putting the pool cover back on.

When shocking your pool, it is great to always remove the pool cover and keep it off until the chlorine levels return to a normal range (about 1-2 ppm).

Should I take My Solar Cover Off During the Day?

It depends on what you want to achieve. Solar cover can be kept on during the day or at night to save electric bills.

Should You Leave Solar Blanket Pool During Day?

It depends. If you don’t mind.

The pool’s heat is usually lost through evaporation because the air temperature is lower than the water temperature.

While this effect can be reduced by putting a cover on the pool, it can still cause the water temperature to drop.

Can I Put Solar Cover On Pool After Shocking

Can You Run Pool Pump with Cover On?

Yes, you can. In fact, Running the pool pump and filter while the pool cover is on is completely safe. The pool pump is not hindered or hampered in any way by the pool cover when it comes to circulating the water.

When Can I Cover Pool After Shocking?

Wait at least after an hour after shocking before covering the pool.

Additionally, you should conduct a water test to ensure the pH and chlorine levels are within range.

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How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump After Shocking?

Once your pool shocking is complete, a pool filter should run for at least six hours. As a result, the water needs to be cleaned by the filter and the shock will need to be given time to completely mix with the water before the pool can be used.

If the pool is in any way overrun with algae, it’s important to run the filter after shocking for anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days.

Why is My Solar Cover Falling Apart?

Like any other material exposed to harsh conditions, your pool will harden and break over time. It is normal for the material used to make pool covers to degrade over time as a result of exposure to the pool chemicals and the sun’s UV rays.

Will Solar Cover Prevent Evaporation?

Yes, your solar cover reduces heat loss from evaporation by serving as a barrier between swimming pool water and the air. In my case, I was able to reduce my swimming pool heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar cover.

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Does Pool Cover Help with Evaporation?

Pool covers can be used on both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as in-ground and above-ground pools, of almost any shape or size.

Using a pool cover can prevent up to 95% percent of pool water evaporation.

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