Can Goats Eat Pig Feed or Live Together? [ANSWERED]

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No, I would NEVER feed pig feed to my herd. Pig feed isn’t really bad for goats, it is just generally made up of stuff that your goats don’t need. Acidosis may be a problem if they consume too much and corn isn’t really good for bucks.

If the feed is medicated then it might be bad for them depending on what’s in it.

If you MUST feed pig feed to your goats AT ALL, my advice would be that you check the ingredients to see if they are any that won’t be suitable for goats in the pigs feed.

Can Goats Eat Pig Feed?

Do not feed pig grower pellets (or any other pig food) to goats for the following reasons:

  • Pigs are monogastric animals (like us) and goats are ruminants
  • Pig grower pellets are not nutritionally balanced for goats to thrive on and could cause an increased risk of acidosis when fed to your herd.
  • Pig pellets contain too much protein, too little fibre (about 34% of what goats REALLY need), and improper copper levels for goats.
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So, yes, pig feeds are not appropriate for keeping a goat healthy. If for any reason you’re unable to get access to goat’s feed, you could try sheep feed instead, and supplement minerals that are missing from it.

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Can Pigs and Goats Live Together?

No! Heck even pigs and chickens can’t live together. Pigs will hunt your chicken and goats and eat them.

A pig can get aggressive and kill other farm animals. So, pigs and goats are not a good combo. They are nothing alike!

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If you use secure fencing for your goats, the pigs will destroy it. If you have enough browsers for the goats, the pigs will root it up.

Pigs love and need mud/water holes, goats do not. Also, their feeding requirements are way different too.

Goats should never eat pig feed and goat feed is not nutritionally sufficient for pigs.

If you must keep the two on your property, then you MUST FEED THEM TOTALLY SEPARATE and secure so they would not get into each other plates.

If not, there will be constant bickering. Keep in mind, pigs are very smart. They do what they want…. when they want. If they are pets, they can get very territorial and emotional, which often shows up as aggression.

Can Goats Eat Pig Feed

Hog Grower and Goats? Is this a Problem?

Yes, it is a problem for the following reasons:

  • The smaller the feed particles are, the quicker the goats can scarf it down, and that results in an increased number of cases of acidosis which will eventually kill your goat.
  • My advice? Separate them!
  • Pig feed has too much corn and molasses concentrate, this will induce metabolic issues in goats (especially pregnant does).
  • Pigs will attack the goat if they see them as competitors during feeding time. An adult goat is not much for a full-grown pig; not only the kids.
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Can Goats Eat Guinea Pig Food?

No, guinea pig food is not nutritionally balanced for goats to thrive on.

Can Potbelly Pigs and Goats Live Together?

I would not try that. Pigs will attack whatever they consider food – goats and chickens included.

I hope this information is helpful.

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to ask!

Author: Howard S. Baldwin

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