Can Goats Eat Cherries? Can it really kill a Goat? – FIND OUT!

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Goats can eat cherries in small amounts, as treats. However, there is a risk of cyanide in the pits so a few cherry fruits will be fine. They usually pass them instead of cracking them open or spit the seeds out.

I know this because my goats love plums. They eat and then spit the pits out so there is no choking hazard or the risk of poisoning.

It’s amazing watching them suck all the pulp off the pit and then just discard the seed. It’s kind of like spitting watermelon seeds.

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Remember, all pit fruits are dangerous to animals,. It’s not the fruit itself that is the risk but the seed pit but most goats spit them out with no issues at all.

Goats are hardy animals, and they certainly have a reputation for loving chicken feed and being able to eat more or less anything.

Can Goats Eat Cherries?

Cherries make a good goat treat but NEVER overfeed. Moderation is always key with any treat.

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Can goats eat choke cherry?

Choke cherries are a smaller variety native to North America that can be fed to your goat, but you should always be the one portioning it and not letting them eat straight from a bush.

Can Goats Eat Cherry Leaves?

When fed in small amounts, fresh cherry leaves are safe for your goat.

However, the dried leaves from the cherry tree has a high cyanide poisoning effect on your goat with the wilted leaves containing the most cyanide.

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Can Goats Eat Cherries

Can Goats Eat Cherry Pits?

Goats generally avoid eating cherry pits, and they’re right to be avoiding it since it contains the most cyanide.

I had plenty of peaches this year that I shared with my goats. Some of them ate them while, but take them into their mouth and the pit would come out of the side of the mouth…. Very amusing to watch.

While most would chomp half the peach, then pick up the other half and eat it off the pit.

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