Can Deer Smell Water and Food? FIND OUT!

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Water is tasteless and odorless but wild deer can find it by smelling things associated with it. Things like plants, waterbone particles, algae etc.

Wet leaves also have a unique smell to them. Deer find salt and minerals by smell too.

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Can Deer Smell Water?

Water has no odor (unless bad). But, there are plenty of other tings associated with it that deer’s can smell from miles away.

Algae, plants, animals, bacteria and waterborne particles are some of the things associated with water deer can smell.

So although white-tailed deer cannot find water by the smell of water itself, they have no issues with finding water by the smells in and around it.

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How far can Deer Smell Water And Food?

Whitetails deer are able to detect water and food at least 425 yards away.

Where do Deer Get Their Water?

Wild deer get their water from natural bodies of waters such as springs, seeps, streams, ponds, lakes, or puddles.

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How far Can A Deer Smell?

Under normal conditions, a deer is able to smell an unhidden odor a least 1/4mile away. If there is humid with a light breeze, they can smell even farther.

Do Deer Have Good Smell?

Deer olfactory senses are super impressive. Their nose is way better than a bloodhound’s nose.

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