Can Deer Smell Propane Heater? + WHERE TO BUY

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Yes, deer’s can smell propane heater fumes for sure, but the nice thing about heat – it rises, takes your scent up with it and it doesn’t spook deer’s so they don’t blow.

Using a small portable propane heater to stay warm while hunting is one of the best things you can do. I think it is a great idea!

Can Deer Smell Propane Heaters?

If they can smell the heater, they can smell you. But warm air rises so it wouldn’t spook then.

Also, if the wind is light and blowing in your favor, it conceals even the smoke. If the heater means you stay warm, comfortable and can stay on stand longer, I’d say it’s worth it.

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However, using it in an enclosed box, I would be more concerned about you breathing in carbon monoxide inside such a tight small enclosure. There have been deaths related to it so be careful.

Best Portable Propane Heater While Deer Hunting

I recommend using a Coleman Sportcat (CHECK ON AMAZON) when hunting in blind, on ground and Buddy stand with no issues except maybe getting really comfortable and going off to sleep, haha.

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Will a Propane Heater Smell Spook A Deer?

No, it won’t. Deer are dumb.

From experience, It wouldn’t spook them any more than the smell of a cigarette.

Can Deer Smell Propane Heater

Will A Buddy Heater Scare Off Deer?

No, it won’t. In fact, I have had more success with it than without it. The Little Buddy Propane Heater is a great choice for hunting birds.

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It’s light, clean and quiet to burn and makes almost no noise.

For maximum success, try this:

  • Keep the setting on a low to avoid significant sound output
  • Setup your blind location downwind from common deer approach routes
  • Keep the glowing from the heater under control so deer don’t physically see

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Can Deer Smell Propane?

Deer can smell and hear most things, including propane. However, if they do not see any danger, they soon relax.

Just last week, I had 2 does and 1 buck grazing at 31 yards when my cell phone (which makes a buzzing noise when on vibrate) began buzzing in my coat’s pocket. All 3 deer raised their head up and looked in the direction of my tree stand and after a minute they went back to grazing.

Several minutes later the phone buzzed once and all 3 picked there head up and looked again. The same for the third time it buzzed. The fourth time the phone buzzed all 3 does ignored the noise.

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Do Propane Heaters in Blinds Spook Deer?

No, not in my experience. A heater is a total game changer especially when in a blind when it’s typically really cold. It makes the hunt more pleasant and lasts longer.

Good news is that the last couple of years have been really mild in Texas.

Do you think Buddy Heaters (propane) Scare Deer Away?

It doesn’t scare them away at all. In fact, it doesn’t bother them at all.

My cousin had 6 does and fawns directly down wind of him within 20 yards. They did spend 30 minutes milling around and had no idea we were there. I was quite impressed to say the least being new to blinds and using a buddy heater.

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