Can Deer Smell Human Urine? HOW FAR? SEE HERE!

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Deer can smell human urine but research has shown, however, that the smell of urine does not noticeably affect deer, if it affects them at all.

Besides this, if a deer smell urine from a predator, it will only know where the predator was, and not where they it currently is.

So, it’s highly unlikely that deer would be spooked by human pee, unless, again, if there are other signs that a human was there.

So, can you pee by your stand or on the ground? Of course, you can as long as you practice good hygiene and keep your other scents away from the area.

Personally, I find urinating on the ground before heading to my stand much more comfortable than having to use a pee bottle all day.

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Can Deer Smell Human Urine?

Deer can smell human urine but it won’t deter them.

Their keen sense of smell may help them to differentiate between non-predator and predator urine. But, they hardly associate human urine with a human, UNLESS the human leaves their scent with the urine.

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Can Deer Smell Human Urine

Does Human Urine Repel Deer?

White deer can smell urine, but will it attract them or repel them? That depends!

There have been proven researches that explains how human urine affects deer. The researchers used trail cameras, monitoring mock scrapes that were treated with the following:

  • Human urine
  • Buck urine
  • Doe-in-heat urine
  • New car smell
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The test were monitored for two weeks, monitoring the number of deer visited, the frequency and the type of deer. The result? Not much, honestly!

Deer of different ages and gender visited all the treatment sites, all without statistical differences on each site.

When it comes to urine, deer would check it out because of their curious nature. Deer have a natural curiosity and love to poke their nose into things going on within their home.

While it doesn’t technically attract deer, it won’t spook them immediately, either. In fact, they may be curious and smell the tree to see what’s up there. This may be especially helpful to those who are on stands and have just urinated on the tree below them.

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Some hunting myth told by hunters include believing that human urine can POSSIBLY attract deer, but only to an extent.

If an animal detects any suspicious smell, movement, or sound, then they’re gone. So, it’s best to practice proper hunting rules such as staying scent-free and out of sight to increase your chances of catching deer.

How Far Can Deer Smell Urine?

Deer can smell urine from a half-mile away.

Do Deer Pee When Scared?

Deer do not pee when scared. They bolt when rattled.

Does Human Urine Spook Deer?

Whitetail deer recognize urine from humans and may not spook since they’re naturally curious animals.

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