Can Deer Smell Corn from a Distance? How Far? READ MORE!

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Deer can smell fresh or cracked corn more than 300 yards.

Deer love corn, especially the Indian corn, just like many critters do. Pile corn makes an excellent deer bait.

If you like the Indian corn you should try to find some with apple scent added to it. Not only do they stay longer but they come from farther away.

Note: Confirm and make sure it is fine to bait if your plan is to hunt over the corn. It is illegal to hunt game animals over bait including loose corn on the ground. I know it is illegal in Georgia but legal in Texas, Alabama, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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Can Deer Smell Corn from a Distance?

Corn remains the best deer attractant you can ever use. To make them smell it more, add a little butter and they will come running for miles!

Never bait too closely near their trails or bedding area. It could stop their natural travel pattern.

Will Deer Come to Corn the Same Day it was Put Out?

Sure they will. Deer will smell grain corn as soon as you pour it out and conditions are right to dispense the odor–which you probably will not smell.

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Can Deer Smell Corn Piles?

Yes, they can smell corn piles and will eat it just like regular corn. But if you put FRESH corn “pile” and there aren’t any deer finding it then it means there aren’t any deer in the area unless of course something is scaring them off.

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Lastly, when putting it out do it under cover so it doesn’t mold and mold can hurt deer.

You can buy black magic mineral salt mix and pour it all over to make it irresistible.

How Long Does Deer Smell Corn?

Deer’s can smell corn from over 275 yards away.

Is It Okay to Feed Deer with Corn?

Deer are browsers that have adapted to eating various food, and that includes corn.

You can also feed deer feed on formulated products such as Monster Meal Feeder.

Why Do Corn Kill Deer?

Corn is rich in starch and feeding too much, too soon can cause acidosis and bloat in deer. A hungry deer can lose its life after feeding on a large pile of corn within a day.

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Can Deer Smell corn from a Distance

Can Deer Smell Corn under Snow?


A der can smell things a few months old under a foot of snow. If a fox or coyote can find a mouse under feet of snow then a deer would too.

Can Deer Smell Corn in the Rain?

Yes, they can smell corn up to 300 miles in the rain.

How Far Will Deer Travel to Get Corn?

A deer can travel up to 1.5 miles to get corn as far as it can smell it.

For example, I shot a buck in 2019 on November 3 2 miles away from where my camera first captured it two weeks ago after I baited with corn.

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