Can Deer eat Poison Ivy? SEE HERE!

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Deer, black bear and racoons are able to browse to poison ivy with no issues at all.

If you spend enough time outdoor, you will see them eating the fruit, leaves, and even the stems. Poison ivy as a shrub or cover can provide cover for small animals and as a vine, it can serve as a path to climb up and down trees for lizards and small mammals such as squirrels.

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Deer are usually seen foraging on large amounts of pokeweed, poison ivy, nightshade, and hemlock with no evident ill effects! They’ve also been known to become addicted to the psychoactive effects of some poisonous plants!

There are typically several ways deer survive eating dangerous plants.

Here are some:

Immediately eating soil, clay, salt licks, or natural deposits immediately after ingesting poisonous plants

These compounds will help neutralize some of the toxins and activate special bacteria in a deer’s first stomach to aid digest the poison.

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Can White-Tailed Deer Eat Poison Ivy?

White-tailed deer can eat poison ivy fruit, leaves, and stems safely.

Poison ivy is a common plant found in New Jersey and is edible to wildlife. Even migratory birds can be seen eating the berries to fuel up their energy as they travel.

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They help disperse the poison ivy seeds. Some deer will also eat poison ivy.

Can Deer eat Poison Ivy

What do You Do If You Come In Contact With The Plant?

You need to immediately wash any place where the oils may have come in contact with your skin. That includes your clothing too.

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