Can Deer Eat Oranges and Tangerines? ANSWER HERE!

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Deer will eat tangerine and oranges – these are real treat to them.

So, it doesn’t matter if the orange are real or just mock oranges, a deer will eat them off a growing branch, the floor or from a fruit hanging low enough to grab.

Can Deer Eat Oranges?

Deer will eat heaps of oranges if given the chance. Some prefer the leaves and others just prefer the juice and flesh of the circus fruit.

In South Florida for example, there exist some properties with orange groves and you’d find several deer on there.

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From experience, a deer will eat just about anything if it is the only thing around to eat, or if they get hungry enough.

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Are Tangerines Nutritional to Deer?

Tangerine aren’t popular deer meals since it is only accessible to them when it falls to the ground, but it is a super healthy treat for them to eat as it is rich in vitamins and water that is important for deer growth.

Like humans, deer appreciate vitamins too, and if they have to steal it from your fruit garden to get it, then so be it. Besides, tangerines are simple for Deer to digest, more so than several other fruits like apples.

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Don’t be surprised to find chewed up tangerine strewn all around because if the deer is not really hungry, they would chew it up, suck out the juice and throw it out.

Can Deer Eat Oranges and tangerine

How to Keep Deer Away from Your Orange and Tangerine Tree

  • Get a very tall fence.

We’re dead serious here. An ordinary fence will not be enough since deer are excellent leapers. You need a fence that is at least 8 inches to effectively keep them out of your property.

Additionally, you can also install an electric fence to encourage behavior modification. So, when they try to get past the fence and they get zapped, eventually, they’d learn to stay away.

  • Scare tactics

You can install an ultrasonic device that releases a loud sound audible enough to chase a deer off whenever they attempt to enter your property.

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Optionally, you can install a motion sensor activated device that sprinkles water on them whenever they come too close for your comfort.

  • Scent deterrent

You can deter a deer by spraying predator’s scent. This will keep them way, although you will need to re-apply from time-to-time since this is a short term solution.

  • Hunting

If deer hunting is legal in your county and you don’t have an issue with it, then that is another way to keep deer away.

After some time, they will instinctively know better than visiting your garden/property. Thus, leaving your oranges, tangerines along with other things you have growing alone.

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