Can Deer eat Oats and Barley, for Horses? FIND OUT!

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Deer will eat and soybeans too if you decide to make a custom mix. You can add in corn, and barley too.

Although oats are not as balanced as Deer Pellets, coarsely milled oats or rolled oats are easily digested and reduce the chances of every encountering issues related to a sudden change of diet.

When it comes to feeding whole oats and whole corn, a ratio of 1:1 to 1:4 corn: oats are recommended.

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Can Deer Eat Oats?

Oats are a great supplement that can be fed to deer. It is packed with a good ration of fiber and carbohydrates. Add in Soybean for protein and they should be crazy over the mixture.

It might take some deer some time to adjust to these foods though. But, oats are preferred over all other supplemental foods.

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Do Deer Eat Oats in The Winter?

Yes, deer will clean oats up off the ground or in feeder like a hoover vacuum. They will eat and eat until they get all of it.

Last winter, I fed the deer a pail of oats a day just behind our barn for a treat. Every morning I wake up, the pile of oats is all gone, haha.

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can deer eat oats

Can Deer Eat Oats and Barley?

Yes, we have had the deer eat oats and barley we planted with great success. The best part is that you can plant barley earlier than wheat and it would still come out fuller and yield more tonnage than wheat.

Will Deer Eat Horse Feed?

Deer will eat just about anything that any herb loving animal would eat, including horse feed.

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