Can Deer Climb Stairs & eat my Garden? FIND OUT!

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Many deer can climb stairs with ease.

They even become bolder as they find plants they like and may come up your window to say thank you, haha.

I have found out that they do not like the smell of predator (fox) urine and the smell of some soaps. They might get used to the scent of the soap so you should alternate with another scent.

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The predator smell is always efficient but for short-term only. So, you’ll need to re-apply from time to time.

From experience, just scaring them off works for only 30 minutes at a time. Super high fence will keep deer, rabbits and other pests out of your garden.

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Can Deer Walk Up Steps?

Yes, does, fawns and bucks can walk up to your front porch and eat flowers and plants. Some curious ones will look in door windows to say hello.

I have had a fawn grab some shade behind a planter (also on the porch).

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Can Deer Climb Stairs

Can Deer Sleep on My Stairs?

Yes, they can sleep on them. I came home from work a few years ago and discovered a deer lounging in our lab’s bedding and another on the step.

Sort of brought new meaning to the term ‘penned deer’.

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