Can Cows Eat Celery? [ANSWER]+ Nutritional Value

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Yes, cows can eat celery. I have fed my cows celery with no issues at all. In fact, at the Little Farm in Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley, California, visitors are allowed to feed the cows only two items… lettuce, and celery.

Can Cows Eat Celery?

Yes, you can feed cow celery.

Cows can eat celery leaves as they have similar nutritional composition to vegetable.

Celery Nutritional Value

When fed to cows, celery will provide the following nutritional value:

  • Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, C, A and B6.
  • It also contains potassium and manganese.
  • It is an excellent source of fibre.
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Please note that celery should only be fed as treats or as a supplementary feed. It is not wise or fine to feed as a standalone diet since it is low in fat and carbohydrates and is majorly composed of mostly water with its value adding up to approximately 95%.

As such, when providing celery to cows, make sure to pair it with feed that is rich in lacking minerals.

Can Cows Eat Celery

Celery For Physical Development

Calves and cows can eat celery without any negative impact on their growth. In fact, celery has been proven to foster a healthier immune system and so animals are provided with the chance to grow and develop.

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Milk Production

Since celery is made up of mostly water and cows need water to produce enough milk, feeding celery to lactating cows can lead to increased milk production.

During dry seasons or in arid areas, you should try feeding celery as part of a supplemental feed and you’d be surprised at the results.

Remember, NEVER substitute celery as the MAIN DIET.

Health Maintenance

Celery contains nutrients and minerals including calcium, potassium and manganese among others for the utmost importance in blood synthesis, hormone structure, normal reproduction, vitamin synthesis, enzyme formation as well as immune system integrity.

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Nonetheless, note that these benefits are only applicable when proper supplementary feed is provided otherwise cows would lack the energy needed to stay healthy.


Cows will cherish the liquid they get from celery and use it to stay hydrated. This practice of feeding celery to cows is quite common in arid areas.

Celery is said to contain approximately 95% water and so can be used as a source of water.

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