Can Accountants Make 6 Figures? 7 Figures? Exposed!

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Truth is – Most experienced CPAs are able to earn $100k-1 million dollars easily, especially if they end up in a leadership or management position.

Can Accountants Make 6 Figures?

Yes, accountants, depending on which sub-field of practice can take anywhere from four to eight years to make 6 figures, and 10 years+ to make 7 figures.

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It took me six years, in my experience. I became an accountant in 2006 and worked my way up at an engineering firm to become a controller after eight years. My first ever six figures was in 2012 when I earned considerable bonuses and worked on a few acquisitions.

My friend, Juliana, another CPA broke 100k during her third year as an accountant but that was a very unique situation and not typical.

I topped off at around 240k per year as a regional controller for a large publicly traded engineering firm and that my friend, came with plenty of golden handcuffs and other exciting incentives. I was quite good at corporate accounting but never found happiness there.

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I now run an accounting firm and small business consulting firm and am very happy making a good living doing good work for great people.

How to Make $100k as an Accountant

  • You’ll need to get your CPA

Yes! A CPA almost always commands more salary than those without it. If public accounting is an area you’d like to venture into, then you’re going to need to have one, especially when you plan on handling taxes and financials.

For Audits, CISA is just fine, but ma, CPA just trumps all within the Public Accounting part.

  • Bag in Public Accounting Experience

Yes, it might be a bumpy ride and you may not like it. But give it time and you may actually begin liking it.

After some time, take that experience o private accounting and market it well – you’ll make loads of money.

  • Keep an Eye Out for Opportunity

You should be open-minded, keep an eye out for opportunities and make good, timely decisions.

Networking is a skill you must develop and master.

  • Treat people who work with You Well

Treat everyone working with you well. Avoid being an asshole, no matter how much you earn. Since you never know when you will bump into that person again.

Good luck!

Can Accountants make $200k?

Yes! Accountants can make $200k or more depending on post-qualification, experience, and works in industry and networks.

Can Accountants make $300k?

Yes! Accountants can make $300k or more depending on post-qualification, experience, and work in industry and networks.

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Can Accountants make $500k?

Yes! Accountants can make $500k or more depending on post-qualification, experience, and work in industry and networks.

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The two slowest routes to earning 500k as a CPA is:

  • By working your way up to a senior partner position or
  • Becoming a CFO of a mid-to-large Corporation.

Either of these two methods has a high chance of getting you to that compensation level. But, they are slow, in my opinion.

Most CPAs earn less than $150k per year. If you want to be different from “most” you will need to think and do differently. Most CPAs who work for the Big 4, regional firms, and corporations will never see that kind of income.

How do I make $500k as a CPA?

  • You need to think and act differently
  • Join the Big 4, learn the fundamentals, gather up experience by opening up your own business as soon as possible.

This affords you better understanding of how to scale your business since you earn nothing less than $200k doing that. Now, it is time to scale your own firm.

Note: Owning, running, and scaling a business is by no means easy (even though you can relatively easily earn $200k by doing so), but it definitely is a much quicker road to wealth and highly rewarding.

It will take you anywhere from 20-30 years to hit that level of earnings in corporate America. Imagine what 20–30 years of business ownership experience will cause your annual pay to be. HUGE.

How Many Clients Does A Typical Accountant Have Per Month?

It depends on. However, an average accountant typically has anywhere from 1-2.

Personally, I have 3-5. Some others handle 20. So, there is no definite answer to this/

Even in a Big 4 firm, a partner may handle dozens since they typically have a sizeable number of managers below them and they have a bunch of people below them too.

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An audit junior – 1 or 2, a manager, maybe half a dozen, a partner maybe 20. Depends. There is no answer.

Can Accountants Make 6 Figures

Do Cpas Make Six Figures?

Six figures is very achievable for many CPA’s out there. However, earning six figures consistently varies on where you work (geography and company).

On an average, it will take you about five or six years, to work for the Big 4 in most cities. $150k will take about 10–12. Around 15 or so years- at the Partner level, you can be well over $1M on good years.

Can Accountants Make 7 Figures?

Yes! It would most likely take you 15 years to do that if you run your own firm and maybe 20-30 years if you work incorporate.

How do the Top Accountants Earn 7-Figure Incomes?

  • Be a rainmaker

That is right! You need to know how to make the firm more money.

  • Be damn Good at what you do

As a CPA, you need to be exceptional at your work. Being an exception lets you think and act outside of the box.

  • Bag the Experience

You need to gather the experience background that is needed in the firm.

This makes your promotion comes very easy. Guess what? With the great promotion, comes greater income. Haha.

How Many Years Does It Take To Become An Accountant?

Approximately 3 years to become a CA in Canada. While it might take you less in the United States.

Whichever place you’re getting it, Good Luck, and cheers to a lifelong experience of success and increased income with a good life!

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