HOW Can a Document Camera Be Used as a Webcam? SEE HERE

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It can be difficult to get a good webcam today. The webcams that come with most laptops are an eyesore, incapable of rendering any form of picture quality and resolution.

If you are always holding or attending video conferences, aside from the burden of having to carry your laptop about, you may also have to deal with bad picture quality when you have a bad webcam. Both of these problems can be resolved if you have a document camera.

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Can I Use a Document Camera as a Webcam

They are called document cameras not because they are less of cameras. The same functions you would typically see in a camera can be performed by a document camera.

You can use your document camera as a Webcam. Even though a document camera is intended to record documents, it is still a camera nonetheless and can be used as a Webcam.

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If your laptop’s webcam is bad or you are looking for a second camera, a document camera will suffice effectively.

How to Use a Document Camera as a Webcam

Document cameras are designed to record and share whatever they capture. However, to use a document camera as a webcam, it must be flexible.

Without a flexible neck, a document camera can not be used as a webcam. It should have a flexible neck so that it can be turned without constraint.

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If the camera’s neck is not flexible enough to be adjusted into any position facing any direction, the goal of using it as a webcam has been defeated.

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