List of British Gas UP2 Problems & SOLUTIONS

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The British gas UP2 problems are many and we’ve taken out time and doen extensive research to list them and ways by which you can fix these issues yourself.

List of British Gas UP2 Problems & How to Solve them

Here they are:

  • British Gas UP2 not Working Properly

If you’re having an issue getting the central heating to stay on when the hot water is switched on then you might have a WIRING ERROR.

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Check the large junction box by removing it to see if all wires into it, in the right places according to the wiring instruction on the lid! If it does not, I suggest you DIY or hire an engineer to correct the problem.

For those who don’t want to dabble their hands with DIY projects, it might be easier and quicker if you get either a spark (with heating controls knowledge) or a decent heating engineer out.

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  • British Gas UP2 failing to turn on Central Heating except when Hot Water is on

I suspect the valve based on this issue. However, I would recommend you confirm it by testing it.

If the valve is moving to all the correct position for the different combinations of demands but the boiler doesn’t fire on CH then it’s likely one of the micro switches in the valve head has stopped working.

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Or it could be that your cylinder stat is stuffed! When the hot water is satisfied the normally open contact is not closing. The normally open contact on the cylinder stat is connected with the grey on the valve and the hot water off terminal on the programmer.

British Gas UP2 Problems

  • Problem with Switching Off Up2 Model British Gas

I can bet that you have a stuck diverter or zone valve depending on your system. The UP2 programmer only controls the power to the motor connected to the valve.

As soon as it is jammed into position, water can pass through it even when the power is off. When your hot water cylinder is calling for heat, some of that heat passes into your radiators.

A simple solution to this is to call a local engineer or BG for repair.

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  • Problem with Programmer – Heating Does Not Turn Off?

If you have separate motorized valves for CH and HW then it could be that the valve for the CH is stuck open. These sometimes need to close before the power is cut to the boiler. It could also mean that your thermostat would not have any effect either.

To find out the cause for this just switch the power off completely and see if the paddle wheel moves. If it doesn’t, then that’s your problem. Call up a local engineer ASAP.

  • Boiler timer won’t provide independent heating/hot water – Drayton LP722 British Gas UP2

99% of the time, the cause for this is a poor contact with wall plate (especially for much older back plates).

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