List of Bristan Shower Mixer Problems & FIX!

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No doubt there are many Britan shower mixer problems customers suffer from and we’d be checking out a few and how you can fix it yourself.

Bristan Shower Mixer Leaking from the Shower Head

Does your Bristan shower mixer leak from the shower head even after replacing the cartridge? Then try the following steps because replacing the thermostatic cartridge might not solve the issue:

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Note: We’re are replacing the hot or cold (preferably both) piston assemblies see Bristan Piston Hsg COLD-00621141 | BRIST-00621141 this page for details

  • Then remove the brass nut and the large plastic ring that works the piston assemblies
  • Now, take out the red and blue discs by levering with a small screw driver.
  • Once that is done, you need to undo the piston assemblies; this my friend is the hard stuff. A tool to do this is typically supplied with the mixer when you first got it but if you don’t have this tool again, not to worry.
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I generally use a pair of circlip pliers (WHERE TO BUY) inserted into the holes and turn that with a spanner. If they are really tight then you can try using a hammer and old screw driver to begin turning them, it’s not pleasant but is really effective.

  • Ensure the stainless-steel filter comes out with the piston assemblies.
  • Use a 10mm Allen Key to undo the small valve assembly at the back of the valve. Make sure it’s a good fit because if you round this brass part off, you have a real problem!
  • Fit new valve assemblies and pistons, refit red and blue indices, reassemble the plastic ring and brass nut, refit temperature limit stop and control knobs and you are all done.
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Bristan Shower Mixer Problems

Bristan Shower – Mixer – Can’t Get Hot Water

If your Bristan shower mixer can’t get hot water then the problem here might be a seized thermostatic coil. The simplest way to fix that would be to get a new cartridge.

Bristan Shower Nightmare! Should I Replace with Manual Unit?

I recommend getting a good old-fashioned manual mixer. Maybe try a MIRA CODA or a GROHE 10000 instead.

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