Breeding Crickets Vs Dubia Roaches for Beardies/Reptiles

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Cockroaches are a much better alternative to crickets when it comes to feeding roaches as a staple feeder insect versus crickets.

Plus, Dubia roaches are the best species of roaches to feed your roaches because:

  • They’re easier to breed
  • Don’t smell
  • Live longer etc.

The only reason why crickets are so popular is because they’re cheap and easy to find.

  • Adult house cricket = .25g
  • Male adult dubia = 1.50g’
  • Female adult dubia = 3.00g
  • Adult superworm = .50g
  • Dubia Nymphs 1/2″-5/”8 were .22g each

D.roaches are pretty much better than crickets in everyway. Lot of people are gaianst them because they are crawling insects and “ew”. personally, I think crickets are way nastier insects.

That said, why not keep both, if you can? I mean variety is important, don’t you agree> Many people who own reptiles like bearded dragons feed 6+ different insects throughout the week.

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Breeding Crickets Vs Dubia Roaches

Dubia Crickets
They can live up to 2 years They only live for 2 months before they die a natural death.
They reach sexual maturity at 4-6 months They die within 2 weeks of reaching sexual maturity
They have plenty of meat on them, even the small nymphs are big for their size. They have a lot less meat on them, even as adults.
They can’t fly, and are lousy climbers They jump, they climb, and they stink
They don’t smell or make noise They smell, a lot and are noisy
If one escapes, it’ll most likely die after some days. They’re escape artistes.
They are unable to molt or reproduce in most household climates. If they escape, they will breed.
They are not They are cannibalistic
They are very low maintenance to care for. They are not.
They are hardy They die easily
They cost more Crickets are cheap

Roaches are no doubt better than crickets. So, doing a cockroach vs crickets comparison is like asking which is more satisfying steak vs chicken wings.

Nothing against chicken wings, but there’s not much to them unless they’re seasoned or something, then not really worth it.

Dubias might seem more expensive, but they’re not really. You could spend $100 on roaches, leave them alone except to feed them for 4 months then never have to buy another feeder again.

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So what does all this have to do with crickets and roaches? The nutritional content of the crickets and roaches is what supplies the reptiles with their nutrition. Here’s the situation regarding the nutrients described below:

  • Vitamin D3

Both Dubia and crickets lack vitamin D3 in their nutritional makeup, so it should be supplied either via UV light or in powdered supplement form.

  • Fat

Roaches have 7% fat, while crickets have 6%

  • Protein

Dubia roaches have 36% protein content, while crickets have 18%.

  • Calcium

Crickets contain 14mg of calcium per 100 grams and cockroaches have about 20 mg of calcium per 100 grams, another advantage to using Dubia roaches as feeders.

  • Calcium to phosphorus ratio

According to available information* the cricket ratio is about 0.14:1 and the Dubia roach ratio is about 0.4:1. This indicates that although additional calcium supplementation is necessary for either feeder, Dubia roaches require less supplementation since their ratio is 4 times better than that of crickets (ideal ratio, if you recall, is 2:1).

Breeding Crickets Vs Dubia Roaches

Cricket pros and cons

Now, that we have highlighted their features, and characteristics, lets break down the pros and cons of crickets, and then do the same to roaches.

Pros of crickets

  • Crickets are simple to get and buy
  • They are cheaper
  • Beardie love them
  • They are a nice source of protein

Cons of crickets

  • Crickets will bite you and your bearded dragon
  • They can be hard to handle
  • They smell awful and are noisy animals
  • If they get out, they’ll drive you nuts and will probably breed.
  • They have a harder to digest exoskeleton.

Crickets stink, and anyone who has had them can attest to this fact. And, not only do they smell, they are noisy little critters.

This means any room you decide to keep them won’t be the same one you’ll sleep one, obviously, haha.

Also, when you go into that room to feed your dragon, they will be hard to handle and will attack you or attempt to attack.

Once out, you now have a cricket infestation. Their noise will not only run your mad, but they will also chew on things.

Also, left over crickets in your bearded dragon enclosure will attack them. This means it is safer to remove any crickets your beardie don’t eat.

Failure to do this means an all out attack on your beardie. Cricket attacks can cause big problems. This will stress your pet and is not something you want to happen.

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It’s also difficult to catch the crickets once they escape! Its like playing James Bond in a Mission Impossible movie.

Although they make good snacks or meals for your beardie, they aren’t the best choice for your pet dragon.

Crickets have tough exoskeletons and that might occasionally cause impartations in your bearded dragons.

So, while they might be easy to get the list of cons far outweighs the list of pros. Now let’s take a look at Dubia roaches.

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Cons of Dubia roaches

  • They cost more
  • They can creep some people out
  • They aren’t readily available so if you do get some, ensure you breed the heck out of them and keeping an ample supply.

If you have no intentions to breed them (something that is stupidly easy to do, actually), you’ll most likely need to buy Dubias online. You may even subscribe to a regular shipment!

You can buy from the best dubia roach supplier HERE.

It does nit take more than 3-4 days for your order to arrive. 100 fresh, healthy roaches is what you can expect.

At the mention of the word “cockroach”, there is a strong shiver that runs down the spine of some people and we totally get that, and why. It can be difficult bringing these little guys into your home.

But trust me, you’ll grow to find them cute…Or at least tolerate them.

Pros of Dubia roaches

Dubia Roaches is our preferred feeder insect.

How? Unlike crickets, Dubia roaches are effortless to manage and even easier to breed. A small colony of Dubia cockroaches can pay for itself rather quick.

  • They are way easier to handle and keep.
  • They don’t bite, make noise, or smell horrible
  • Dubia roaches will not breed if they escape.
  • They won’t attack or bite your beardie.
  • They are much higher in protein plus nutrients and easier for your beardie to digest.

First off, Dubia roaches aren’t hard to maintain and keep alive. They are unable to climb the slick sides of a plastic container, and will not fly or jump.

Dubia roaches are unable to fly, but are able to crawl quick.

If they escape your home, they won’t breed unless of course you live in a hot and humid environment, like Florida, where it is illegal to ship Dubia roaches.

Otherwise, they will simply die. Dubias can’t survive long or breed in cooler, dry climates.

Dubias don’t smell or make noise. Their container will be silent, and you can keep it in any room without fear of odor. To me, this is one of the biggest advantages of Dubias over crickets.

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Dubia roaches won’t bite you or your beardie!

This makes them much more fun to handle (even if it is a little weird at first to feel them crawling on your hand). It also means that if you happen to leave one or more in the enclosure with your dragon, they won’t bite or stress your beardie out!

Lastly, Dubia roaches are a better food source alternative. It has been proven that they have almost double of crickets, but they also feature a much softer exoskeleton.

This makes them nutritionally better for your beardie to digest. In turn, there is less of chance of impaction with Dubias than with crickets.

Did somebody say “roaches”?!

Furthermore, Dubias are higher in calcium. This mineral is important for your beardie’s health. Overall, they are simply more nutritious and easier to digest. It seems like a win-win to us!

Where to buy Dubia Roaches?

You can purchase your Dubia roaches for bearded dragon here.

The cheapest place to buy dubia roaches is on AMAZON.

Another best place to buy dubia roaches online is the CritterDepot

Are Dubia roaches better than crickets?

Yes, they are. Dubias are higher in calcium. This mineral is important for your beardie’s health. Overall, they are simply more nutritious and easier to digest. It seems like a win-win to us

Can Dubia Roaches Be Kept With Crickets?

No, that is a terrible idea! The crickets will attack the roaches.

Can You Keep Dubia Roaches In A Cricket Keeper?

No, do not do that. The crickets will wipe out the cockroaches.

Can You Keep Dubia Roaches And Crickets Together?

No, do not do that. The crickets will wipe out the cockroaches.

Are Dubia Roaches Easier To Breed Than Crickets?

Yes, they are. Dubia cockroaches are easier to breed then crickets.

Which is Better Dubia Roaches Or Crickets?

Dubia roaches are way better and are superior to crickets in almost way.

How many Dubia Roaches Equal A Cricket?

1 roach is better nutritionally than 1 cricket. So, 1 dubai roach is greater than a cricket.

How Long Does It Take For Dubia Roaches To Breed?

From egg to adulthood, it will take a Dubia roach 5 months to be sexually mature.

The winner

As you can already tell, our preference for a feeder insect for our bearded dragon is Dubia roaches.

In this Dubia cockroaches vs crickets, we have been able to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What are you waiting for? Feel free to leave us any question you have for this crickets vs Dubia roaches comparison.

If you can get over the stigma of roaches in general, you should definitely consider Dubia roaches as a primary protein source for your beloved bearded dragon!

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