Where to Get Blanco Tap Spares, Forum – SEE HERE!

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If you need help finding spare parts for your unit, then we welcome you to Blanco tap spares forum – a quick resource where you’ll find a solution to your problem!

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Where to get Blanco Tap Spares

If you Live in the UK

You can get spare parts for Blanco from the following places:

  • Amazon
  • From Blanco company website by using their dealer directory or contacting them direct via: 0844 912 0100 and 01709 819077.
  • SALunn

I also recommend getting new and better quality taps from Amazon to my customers because Blanco spare parts typically cost more than just getting a new set of taps.

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If you Live in America

  • Their office in New Jersey
  • By contacting them over the phone via 800-451-5782.

blanco tap spares forum

Removing Blanco tap handles from Blanco Eye 5300 model

Through trial and error, I have found out that the most effective way would be to unscrew the lever handle and in the bottom of the threaded recess there should be a 4mm allen head scrww.

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Loosen that for a couple of turns with a 4mm allen key and the whole handle will slide off to give you access to the cartridge.

When ours was leaking, I found out that holding the cartridge under running water got rid of whatever was obstructing the disc and the leak issue was sorted. Reassembling is just doing a reverse procedure.

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