Black Walnut Tree Buyers Near Me – Price & Contact Address!

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Do you intend to sell your black walnut trees and you are looking for buyers? If you are, before attempting to sell, you must get to understand how much you call see your black walnut tree for.

Walnut trees have high-end lumber properties and are also considered quality trees, these assumptions even while true have let many owners of walnut trees think that the prices of selling them are worth thousands of dollars and even more.

Before you consider entering into the market as a black walnut tree buyer some things you need to put into consideration so that you don’t run at a loss include:

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  • Consider if your black walnut is of veneer quality, if it is, the money you will be paid for it would be higher than that of black walnut without veneer.
  • Secondly, seek the service of a professional consulting forester, they will represent your needs and not that of the timber buyers to make sure you get a very good deal for your timber.

Black walnut trees grow on their own rather than in a clump with a high number of trees. It can grow as a single organism or in small clusters.

It is most commonly found in the eastern or central United States. Its growth span is influenced by its latitude.

It normally starts developing its flowers in the early days of June in the northern section, and a little earlier in the middle of April in the southern part.

How Do I Sell My Black Walnut Tree?

don’t cut them down without first preparing and thinking about how to go about having them sold.

At the least, the black walnut tree should be 10 feet of trunk from the ground up to the first major branch or major girl for it to be marketable.

That wood may be used to make furniture or veneer, and selling your walnut trees can help you pay for your landscaping projects.

While you can sell the trees yourself, an expert forester can assist you in determining which trees to sell, determining a reasonable price for their value, and connecting you with a buyer.

A walnut tree that is of value will have a chest height diameter of 16 to 18 inches.

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Most lumber mills will not buy Black Walnut trees grown in urban environments except its diameter is 18 inches.

Additionally, check if your black walnuts have defects, the fewer defects a tree has the more valuable it is.

Contact a forester through your county’s extension office to come to appraise your black walnut tree.

The forester may encourage you to wait for some time before selling your walnut trees to allow the tree to mature, as he may discover some immature trees due to poor wood quality and poor shape.

But after checking he finds your trees marketable you can go further and ask for his recommendation on potential buyers and to professionally estimate your trees.

You can either hire the forester to help you get your trees sold for you or you can as well attempt selling off the trees yourself.

If you want to sell off the trees yourself please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Create an advertisement regarding your black walnut trees, add photographs of the trees including the professional estimate given by the forester, add the size, length and also shape of the trees, add your contact address information, also add the deadlines then go ahead and advertise your trees to woodworkers, local furniture makers, and artisans as well.
  • Choose the bid with the price that best suits you, contact the winner of the bid and discuss terms of removal.
  • Another method is to call or email several professional loggers, tell them you have got a black walnut tree you would like sold, meet the loggers that show interest and then pick out the one with the best deal, discuss terms of removal and allow the logger determine when it’s best to drop the walnut tree.

Black Walnut Tree Buyers Near Me

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How Much Do Black Walnut Tree Sell For?

Black walnut trees are valuable for their fruits and even for the veneer.

If the tree is large and valuable, it can go for a very good price.

The diameter of the black walnut tree has a huge role to play in the Black Walnut tree’s price.

A walnut tree of over 30 inches will give you even better price rates.

Walnut trees tend to grow from 30 to 40 inches, you can earn as much as $2000 if it is over 40 inches and fall in the lumber grade.

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Apart from the width of the tree, the height also plays a role in how much the tree can be sold for.

The value of every inch that comes in the height of the walnut tree increases the size of the tree by $1.

The prices of Walnut Tree vary in prices due to several factors.

These factors are:

Grade: the quality and grade of the tree will be tested by using grading, it Is done using measurements and maths.

Veneer: this is determined by the specific wood quality when it is sliced thinly into veneer.

On the low side, a black walnut tree having 18 inches in diameter will go for $700.

The main reason why the diameter of a tree affects its price is that there is more volume for the tree to be used for reasonable projects.

Black walnut with a larger diameter can produce more veneer and a lot of Lumber that can be sold.

The money comes from black walnut trees used for producing quality furniture and most of the time they are sold by Board foot.

Black walnut tree lumber costs between $16.95 and $17.50 per board foot.Black walnut tree lumber costs between $16.95 and $17.50 per board foot.

A-rated black walnut trees with a wide diameter of 20″ or more can readily sell for $1,400-$2,000 in timber.

Black walnut tree lumber can be sold for as little as $1,356 because it can readily grow to be 70-80 feet tall or more.

Black walnut lumber costs $339-$350 for 20 board feet.

If you want to make money from your black walnut tree, though, consider it a long-term investment.

Many landowners will cut them down for lumber or sell them before that time.

A black walnut tree might take up to 30 years to achieve full maturity.

Can I Sell My Black Walnut Tree For Wood?

Yes. It is possible to sell your black walnut for wood.

If your black walnut tree has quality and veneer properties, you can auction it out with several timber buyers and graders competing to purchase them.

A woodlot harvest, where several trees are sold and harvested at the same time, makes it much easier to sell trees.

A timber buyer will need to bring in laborers, a log truck, a skidder, a loader, and other equipment to cut down your tree. The buyer is responsible for cutting the logs and transporting them to the mill for sale.

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It is more profitable to engage the services of a professional logger to have the logs evaluated by an experienced grader.

Is a Black Walnut Tree Valuable?

Yes. Black Walnut trees are valuable, the reason why it is valuable is because of their uses.

Although black walnut trees are poisonous, they are unlike most other poisonous plants. They are safe for all livestock except horses, who are usually only impacted by the tree’s shavings. Juglone is an organic substance produced by the roots of the black walnut tree.

Black walnut is used in making quality furniture and woodworking.

The demand for the walnut tree is higher than that of every other tree and the supply rate is not the demand expectations.

The black walnut tree is one of the most popular choices when it comes to woodworking, some of the projects black walnut is used for are cutting board, cabinet furniture, flooring, gun stocks, etc.

They can grow up to 2 feet every year and reach over 100 feet in height! They’re normally harvested for lumber when they’re around 30 years old, but some are harvested at 50! Others people have been set up for life by a grove of black walnut trees because of their worth.

The health advantages of black walnut tree leaves are another fascinating fact. They may be made into an extract, which is highly beneficial in the treatment of parasite illnesses.

Eczema, psoriasis, and warts can all benefit from this natural treatment. Some have even gargled with the extract to kill bacteria in their mouths.

Expect to wait for another four to five years after planting a 2-year-old grafted walnut for its first batch of nuts. It can take up to two years for a non-grafted, seedling-grown walnut to bear its first nuts.

How To Calculate The Worth of the Walnut Tree?

The way you can calculate the worth of your walnut tree is by calculating the diameter and the height of the tree.

After that, you can count the trees, then multiply the trees by the number of the total trees.

Or better still, you can contact a professional to get the exact figures of the walnut trees.


Depending on the size, length, and diameter of your walnut trees, you can make money selling them.

Apart from the financial benefits, walnut trees stand shades and even fruits can be consumed by humans.

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