What is the Best Wifi Pool Timer with Freeze Protection? FIND OUT!

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One Wifi Pool timer switch I use is the Woods WiOn box. It is great value and offers full WiFi control for less than a standard intermatic box.

I use a Wood’s Wion Wi-Fi switch to control my 220 volt pump I hooked up to my slide/waterfall combo. It uses a stand-alone app, but also allows control via Alexa.

So far, mine has performed really well for me. There’s a simple on-off switch you’ll find within the box, or you could set up one of many types of timers via the phone app.

Although it allows for hooking up two loads, they cannot be timed independently. Here’s a link if you’re interested.


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Wifi Pool Timer switch

Best Wifi Pool Timer with Freeze Protection

Do you need a Wifi Pool timer with freeze protection would like to control with a phone app? Look no further! We recommend the Wood Wion Wi-Fi Switch.

According to the manual, one of the Woods WiOn main use is controlling an electric water heater. They’re designed for that kind of power load a pump needs.

I installed one at my home and three more for my neighbors. So far, its been good reviews and no issues at all. They biggest issue here was the initial WiFi connection process, and then connecting the Woods app with the Amazon Alexa app. That just takes a bit of tech knowledge and some persistence.

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