Some of the Best Wheels for Tacoma OffRoad [Offset, Black, 16, Beadlock etc]

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To customize your vehicles, Tires are the best way to achieve that.

When you intend to do some serious off-road movement or just cruise down the highways, Tires will be the ones to aid you in your adventure. In the earlier years, Toyota had varying sizes of wheels and tires for the Tacoma, this is why we took our time to do reviews of the best wheels for your vehicle.

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Best Wheels for Tacoma

Things to consider before purchasing and changing your wheels include Lug pattern, speedometer calibration, power loss, lift kits, spacers e.t.c.

  • OE Wheels LLC 16 inch fits Toyota Tacoma TRD TY17 Gloss Black 16×7 Rims SET

The OE Wheels LLC 16-inch fits well and looks awesome, to install, you can start by getting good quality lug nuts to go with the wheels.


It is a well-made wheel that fits like a glove, these rims will match the 16-inch tire.

It has a center cap included, and the factory center cap will interchange. Some things that are not included in this package are lugs, bolts, locks, and TPMs( Tire pressure monitoring systems).

  • Genuine Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO Matte Black Wheels PTR20-35110-BK (Fits: 4Runner – Tacoma – FJ Cruiser) (4)

The Genuine Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Matte Black Wheel will make your vehicle look better and the delivery process is fast.


They will make your Tacoma pop, the price is great, and it has a great design that makes your Tacoma’s stance better and looks more aggressive than the stock.

The wheel is matte black with a red TRD logo on the center cap. To ensure proper fit, finish, and reliability, this rim will incorporate the proper weight to achieve that.

  • Method Race Wheels 308 Roost Matte Black 18×9″ 6×5.5″, 18mm offset 5.75″ Backspace, MR30889060518

The Method Race Wheels are very well made and have a unique look, the wheel is built solid with A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction, it has a unique windowed design with a debossed detail and features the method logo.

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It has a bolt-on center cap with optional colors available. It has a hub-centric fitment for common applications and has a strong 2500lbs, load rating, and a lifetime structural warranty.

  • Fuel Offroad D546 Assault 18×9 5×114.3/5×127 +1mm Matte Black/Milled Wheel Rim

The fuel Offroad D5D546 Assault 18×9 5×114.3/5×127 +1 mm Matte/ milled wheel Rim has a wheel size of 18 inches and a wheel size of 18 inches, it weighs 45 pounds.


It is an Offroad style wheel, and it is available in 17, 18, and 20-inch sizes, it is standard, aggressive, and lifted truck applications are also available.

The only downside to this wheel is that it does not include accessories.

The Fuel Offroad wheels will give your truck the aggressive look you have been aiming for. Whether you are cruising the street or tearing through up the roughest tar.

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  • Method Race Wheels 305 NV Matte Black 18×9″ 6×135″, 18mm offset 5.75″ Backspace, MR30589016518

The Method Race Wheels 305 NV Matte Black 18×9″  has been developed to minimize weight and increase strength. The wheel is lighter, stronger, and faster.


To do the complete installation, you will need things like a lug nut kit with 4 wheels black spine, valve stem caps(method black)

It features an iconic 12 window design with a debossed method logo on either side of the center cap.

They are the best-looking and performing wheels on the market currently.

It boasts of a strong 2,500-3,640 lbs, it has a load rating with the heavy-duty of 4500 lbs. The lip undercut simulates a true Beadlock wheel and has a replaceable lip bolt with diverse colors available. It has a top-tier suspension for high-performance off-road and on the road.

Best Wheels for Tacoma

  • Fuel Offroad D634 ZEPHYR BRONZE Wheel with Painted and TPMS Compatible (18 x 9. inches /5 x 127 mm, -12 mm Offset)

Fuel Offroad D634 ZEPHYR BRONZE Wheel comes packaged as a set of four wheels.

They are stylish and belonged on a truck if you have got a brown exterior, this bronze wheel will augment it well and the goodness is this is offered by BB, a family-owned and operated business. It offers a unique style that will set you apart from the crowd.

17×9 Matte Bronze Black Fuel Zephyr D634 wheels drilled with an 8×170 bolt pattern and -12 MM offset. And the 8 lug 8×170 bolt pattern is commonly seen on the 1999 & newer Ford F250, F350, and Excursion.

  • VENOMREX VR-602 17 Inch Flow Forged Wheel Compatible with 01-20 Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, 6×5.5 (6×139.7) Bolt Pattern, 17×9 (-12mm Offset), 106.1mm Bore, Tungsten Graphite – 1 PC

The Venomrex VR-602 17-inch flow has a rim diameter of 17″ inches and a rim width of 9″ inches.


-12 mm offset with a 2,645 lbs load rating.

It has bold, attractive but unconventional designs and also heads with innovative flow-forged constructions as well.

It makes your vehicle stands out and gives your vehicle the standard rugged look that you can’t help but be proud of. This Rim is designed for off-road use for your Toyota.

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PRO COMP Series 31 Stryker Matte Black (16×8 / 6×5.5 / -6mm)

The PRO COMP Series 31 Stryker Matte Black has a wheel size of 16×8 and a 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern and a 4.5 backspace. It has a Max load capacity of 2200 and 0 offset. It is designed using low-pressure casting technology proving an amazing wheel strength, value, and style.

It features a black powdered coat of chrome finishing, it also incorporates high offset brake clearance for performance trucks and top sport utility vehicles.

  • RockTrix RT112 17 inch Wheel Compatible with 01-21 Toyota Tacoma 6×5.5″ (6×139.7) Bolt Pattern, 17×9 (-12mm Offset), 106.1mm Bore, Matte Black, Also fits 02-21 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, 99-06 Tundra – 1pc

The RockTrix RT112 17-inch Wheel fits perfectly with the Tacoma 2020 and they do not need any additional adjustments to do so.

The rim is of high quality and they have great customer service that will even reach out to you to ask if you are satisfied with the product.

They give this nice aggressive stance and the shipping was fast, they are worth the money and they stand out great.

  • RockTrix RT110 17 inch Wheel Compatible with 01-21 Toyota Tacoma 6×5.5″ (6×139.7) Bolt Pattern, 17×9 (-12mm Offset), 106.1mm Bore, Matte Bronze, Also fits 02-21 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, 99-06 Tundra – 1pc

The RockTrix RT110 17-inch wheel is compatible with some Trucks/Suvs, it is compatible with OEM TPMS Sensor; a TPMS valve stem may be needed. This Rim does not fit vehicles with manual locking hubs and is also not compatible with Toyota Factory Lugnuts.

This rim will give you no bend, they sit perfectly on your wheels, it has an excellent finish and the quality is simply mind-blowing.


The 17-inch Rims Fit Toyota TRD PRO STYLE 4 RUNNER has both the Item diameter, wheel size, and Rim size to be 17 inches.

It has an offset of +30 and the exterior is painted. It makes your vehicle stands out from others and gives it this nice aggressive look, it does not bend, wear or tear. It is a good product and worth the value of the money.

The delivery process is also fast and the item is packaged in such a way that it won’t cause an issue to the wheels.

  • Ion Wheels 141 Gloss Black Milled Wheel with Alloy Steel (20 x 9. inches /6 x 106 mm, 0 mm Offset)

The Ion Wheels 141 Gloss Black Milled Wheel with Alloy Steel (20 x 9. inches /6 x 106 mm, 18 mm Offset is an 8-spoke wheel designed detailed on each side spoke and machined rivets on the lip of the wheel.

It comes with a bolt-on center cap featuring the Ion wheels brand logo. It will add rugged style to your truck or SUV.

The lug nuts needed for these wheels are spline or hex head open-ended lug nuts standard conical, it has a negative offset and it has good depths too.

What Size Tires Can You Fit on a Tacoma?

The 275/70/17 is the biggest tire you can fit on a Toyota Tacoma with a suspension or body lift.

Fitting a 33″ inch tire with the 275/70/17 on a stock requires a modification to both the front and rear fender flare.

Toyota Tacoma comes in four different sizes and the size will depend on the trim level you decide to go for.

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The tire breaks down into four different parts and they are:

  • The width
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Wheel diameter
  • Construction

As you upgrade along with the Trim level roster, you can have the option of picking any of these sizes:

  • P265/70R16
  • P265/65R17
  • P265/60R18

The tires will come with 16-inch, 17-inch, or 18-inch wheels.

Can I Put 17-Inch Rims On My Tacoma?

Yes, you can. A common Tacoma Tire width for a 3″ inch lift kit Is 285mm, if you do the math 17′ inch will be 285/17 and they are a good choice for a 2″ taller and .8″ wider than the factory.

There are varieties of tires in the market of late and all that but choosing the best tire is to consider the pros and cons of each one of them.

In reality, there are more varieties for 17′ than 16′ inch especially all those that are lighter weight for all Terrains.

What Size do Rims Fit Toyota Tacoma?

The size of your tires for Toyota Tacoma is dependent on the year of manufacture.

Below are some Rim Sizes that will fit your Toyota Tacoma.

for instance, the 16-inch will go on a 245-75-16, 265-70-16 with SR, SR5, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro.

Across the board, the Tacoma will come with 16, 17, or 18′ inch wheels.

What Offset Do Stock Tacoma wheels have?

The Stock Tacoma has a positive wheel offset.

Will 265 75r16 fit Stock Tacoma?

Yes, it will, without lift and with no rubbing but with a stock offset.

You can install the tires to the Rim of your vehicle, especially if the only concern is the width and it will fit with no problems.

Will 285 70R17 fit Tacoma?

Yes, it is a great size fit for your Tacoma because even if you do not have a leveling kit, it will take only a little effort to clear your fender. Add a suspension lift to this mix then you are set to have a great time, the suspension mix will make it easier to clear the entire tire.

What Tires Come On a 2021 Tacoma TRDoff-road?

The 265/70R16 tire is the tire that Toyota equips the Tacoma TRDoff-road with.

The Tacoma TRDoff-road comes with P265/70SR16 as the front tire, P265/70SR16 as the rear tire, and a spare tire that is full size.

It has aluminum wheels, with a front-wheel size of 16″ x 7″ and a rear-wheel size of 16″ x 7″.

These tires can do very well in the snow, do a little less in the mud, and have good traction on wet roads and dirt as well.

Many factors affect successfully venturing off pavements and into the wild and the most important factor of all is your Tires.

Knowing this important fact and the best tire to fit your Tacoma will save unnecessary stress and finance.

A good tire for an off-road cruise should be able to:

  • Used in all terrains
  • Have a section width of 265mm
  • Have tougher sidewall rubber
  • Specially formulated tread rubber
  • Has universal fitment type
  • Has a load capacity of 2756 pounds

There are a lot of attributes to consider when choosing an off-road tire for Tacoma, but it all varies on the size and particular axle of your vehicle.

Do not pick an off-road tire that will be too heavy as it will put an added strain on the axle causing wear on the pumpkin gears.

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