What is the Best Wheelchair For City Streets? FIND OUT!

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The best wheelchair for city streets should be sturdy, lightweight for carrying on stairs, when needed, and easy to fold and put in a car trunk.

Best Wheelchair For City Streets

The following are some of the best wheelchairs for streets of NYC:

  • Karman S-125 Ergonomic Wheelchair

The Karman lightweight wheelchair is ergonomic and promises ultimate mobility.


The chair weighs only 14.5 pounds (minus the rear wheels) so even a female can transport it anywhere without much effort.

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The wheelchair is easy to pack and fits easily in travel bags, the back seat of a car, and in trunks too. The wheels and footrests are removable and guarantee maximum portability.

The S-shape seating frame follows the body’s natural CURVES, encourages a better posture, and addresses caregivers’ and users’ needs.

The ergonomic design reduces the risks of pressure ulcers and you can spend hours sitting, and you won’t feel sore one bit.

The companion brakes let wheelchair users and caregivers to stop the wheelchair safely without bending down.

You can even go up or down ramps/slopes without fearing a fall.

Lastly, the brakes encourage easy maneuver of the wheelchair in tight spaces or slow down safely when you need it. The large wheels also guarantee a smooth ride and safety on inclines.

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Karman wheelchair weighs around 220 pounds, and the seat is available in two sizes:

16″ x 17 and

18″ x 17″ – there is a storage pocket in the back.


  • Foldable, versatile, and compact
  • Hand brakes
  • Removable footrests/wheels
  • Ultralight transport wheelchair
  • Detachable footrests


  • No seatbelt
  • Not the cheapest option

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best wheelchair for city streets

  • EBEI Folding Powered Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Portable Smart Personal Mobility Wheelchair

The smart chair is an impressive little wheelchair. It is able to zip along faster than a companion can walk beside it and is able to turn in an instant.


The chair is lightweight and weighs only 42 pounds (with battery). The battery charge indicator on the control arm has indicator lights that tell when the battery is completely charged.

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When assembling this unit, do not forget to connect the cable to the battery pack inside the battery pouch.

The color and look of his chair are amazing.

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  • Portable Folding Wheelchair, Travel Wheelchair with handbrake, Ultra-Light Wheelchair for The Elderly and Children (with Bag)

Perfect, the wheelchair is very good, durable, lightweight, and flexible.


This chair really impressed me with it’s quality and design. The chair is 20 inches wide at the mounts for the armrest. At the rear wheels, it is 19 inches wide.

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