3 Best Weatherproof Outdoor Stereo Cabinet

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Here are some ideas for weatherproof outdoor stereo cabinet housing for your inexpensive stereos on deck or patio.

Best Weatherproof Outdoor Stereo Cabinet

  • Suncast Serving Station Patio Cabinet

IF you already have a receiver here then you should get one these from Sam’s club:


A standard receiver, or any other standard sized component fits perfectly. I placed the receiver in the top shelf and bought a hole saw.

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The hole saw was used to cut a small opening at the back to feed the speaker wire through. The additional space on the bottom are where you can place extra sunscreen, towels, etc.

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  • Audio Unlimited SPK-VELO-001 Water-Resistant Wireless Speakers with Remote

For less than 100 bucks, you can get an

  • outdoor wireless speaker system
  • A transmitter
  • Dual speakers and a
  • Remote control
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The transmitter hooks to whatever sound source you can imagine and it suffers no interference from any source.

I also got the waterproof or floating ball and the headphones that I use every night when my roommate wants to go to sleep while I’m watching TV. The headphones come in extra handy when I’m working outside and don’t want to crank up the sound on speakers as I get away from the house.

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The transmitters and headphone/speaker/floating ball receiver are all interchangeable. The headphone transmitter serves as the base for charging the headphones. The speakers work when either plugged in or battery operated.

Check it out. Reviews: AWESOME!

Weatherproof Outdoor Stereo Cabinet

  • DIY Solution

Build a box out of plexiglass, then hinge one of the sides. Turn it upside down over your equipment. Hinged side to the front and that’s it!

You could leave the hinged side open while using and close it for the night.

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