WHat is the Best Water Softener For Crawl Space/Small Places? ANSWER HERE!

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Getting a short water softener is the way to go when you live in a small place. Names to look for: Fleck, Clack, Autotrol, Whirlpool, Watts etc. when you’re searching for the best water softener for townhouse.

These are the heads that perform wonderous works and are good quality. I cannot say the say for other competing brands out there.

Another good one that is really short, is Kinetico. In a crawl space where electronics won’t fare well, the non-electronic control is a plus. At times, you just can’t have everything you want but these brands will provide most of what you need.

To prevent tank from freezing or enjoy extra space, you can build a 3’x’3 lean to shed with insulated walls next to the house so you don’t have to crawl around.

Top 3 Recommended for small spaces

  • Whirlpool WHES30E Water Softener  – Budget-friendly (CHECK ON AMAZON)
  • On The Go OTG4-VM-DBLSOFT Water Softener – Most effective (CHECK ON AMAZON)
  • Watts Premier OFPSYS Water System – smallest water softener (CHECK ON AMAZON)

Best Water Softener For Crawl Space

Here are some recommendations for short water softeners for little spaces:

  1. On The Go OTG4-VM-DBLSOFT Water Softener

It needs to be maintained every 40 days and is more efficient than 40% of brands out there. This remains one of the most cost-effective solutions you will ever use.


  • It has a compact design, with powerful features like standard-sized water softeners
  • Great for people living on and off the grid.
  • It can fit in under the sink or in your cabinet
  • You can place it in your camper or RV to enjoy access to soft water on demand.
  • It has a simple yet effective design.
  • Does not need special salts to regenerate its system. Ordinary table salt will do.
  • It comes with a back-flush adapter that connects this system to any already existing water supply line.


It makes backwashing of the system in preparation for regeneration more efficient.

Our only wish is that the flow rate ought to be higher. At only 3 gallons per minute, this model’s flow rate may not be sufficient for some people.

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What We Like

  • Easy and effective system that uses ordinary table salt
  • Simple yet effective system that uses ordinary table salt
  • Compact design for small apartments or homes
  • Long-lasting resin formulation for extended use and less frequent regeneration
  • Can soften water up to 40 percent more effectively than other brands
  • Comes with a back-flush adapter for ease of connection during backwashing

What We Don’t Like

  • Inconsistent water flow rate
  1. WATER BOSS 74011 Water Softener

The quiet operation of the Water Boss 74011 is why it is the best water softener for crawl spaces. While it is not whisper-quiet, it does hum a lot softer than other systems. This makes it the ideal water softener for small spaces and tight living quarters.

Regardless, the Water Boss 74011 remains one of the most ideal compact water softeners for condo or small house. It softens, filters, and treats your water. It does the job of three different systems in a small and compact package. That is what I call ‘cool’!



  • It boasts of a built-in water filtration system that reduces iron in the water
  • Being smart yet small means your steel water fixtures are safe from rust attack
  • It uses one of the best water treatment technology to get rid of various substances in the water that makes your water clean and safe.
  • The ultra-fine resin of the Water Boss 74011 makes water softening easier than ever
  • It uses less salt and water during regeneration thus saving you more
  • It utilizes special water softener salts, such as crystal salts, pellets, and cubes. Ordinary table salt does not work to regenerate the device.
  • The regeneration cycle is relatively fast, taking only 7-19 minutes to recharge.
  • Quiet operation.

What We Like

  • It gets rid of other substances so your water is safe to drink
  • It brings down iron levels in water
  • Features ultra-fine resin for effective and economical water treatment
  • Quick generation cycle within 19 minutes
  • Ultra-quiet operation for small living quarters

What We Don’t Like

  • It only WORKS with salt formulated for water softeners

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  1. Watts Water Flow-Pur RV-Pro Water Softener

The friendly price of the Flow-Pur RV-Pro makes it great for small and budget-conscious homes. The device softens water like conventional water softeners. It does not demand space.

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  • Compact design, the Flow-Pur RV-Pro water softener is compact and reliable
  • Offers protection to water pipes, fixtures, and appliances from corrosion.
  • Draws compounds responsible for hard water and drains them out of the system.
  • Water softened with this unit can be used to wash clothes.
  • Hard water stains and spots on your vehicle or even on the kitchen sink, tiles, and bathtub will be no more.
  • Can be used with regular table salt or water softening salt
  • Although 4 GPM rating, the Flow-fur flow is consistent.
  • It also helps that the RV-Pro has a cradle base. The base makes it easy to secure the device on almost any surface. It never wobbles in its place.
  • The small diameter of the canister’s opening, can make it hard to pour table salt for regeneration but the trick here is to use a funnel.

Another minor issue about the design is its inlet hose connector that does not rotate. You will need to twist the hose itself to connect the system.

What We Like

  • Price is both affordable and device is high quality
  • It can use ordinary table salt for regeneration
  • Softens water by reducing the number of compounds that harden water
  • Optimal water flow rate for sufficient water supply
  • Features a cradle base for improved security and stability

What We Don’t Like

  • Small opening for pouring salt
  • Stationary inlet hose connector
  1. PRO+AQUA Portable RV Water Softener

Small but powerful is what this water softener. It’s on the same power level as a standard-size unit.  While its main use is on recreational vehicles and boats, the PRO+AQUA can also prove invaluable in small homes.



  • It’s performance is efficient than several water softeners of the same size
  • The model can provide up to 40% more softened water than other brands out there.
  • It can handle well water, or city water plant, or even municipal water.
  • The resin of the water softener has a 16,000-grain rating. You can enjoy up to 40 days of water before the system needs recharging.
  • It allows for ordinary table salt use
  • The regeneration system takes 5 minutes
  • Installation is simple and quick
  • It removes heavy metals from your water

I can see why automobile detailers love the PRO+AQUA. It has a commendable water flow rate that makes it great for mobile power washers. Its 5-gallon-per-minute flow rate is sufficient for washing the car, the walls of your house, and even your garage. Small households will be happy to have this in their home.

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What We Like

  • Provides 40 percent more softened water than models of the same size
  • Can work with well or city water
  • It uses less regeneration time and is quick
  • Provides a high rate of water flow for high-pressure applications
  • Regenerating the resin requires only table salt

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires proper installation to avoid leaking
  1. Mobile-Soft-Water Portable Water Softener

The Mobile-Soft-Water is a good choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use water softener. It is an effective system that maintains the integrity of your water appliances and fixtures. Gone are the days of putting up with hard water.



The mobile-soft water portable is compact and is great for recreational vehicles.

It is the lightest of the units reviewed here.

Can be used for home, boat and RV

Will do well with almost all kinds of water hardness without sacrificing water flow rate.

Washing clothes is more effective with this unit.

This system can reduce heavy metals in water, thus making shower time enjoyable

Easy installation manual for quicker assembling.

The product also protects your metal water fixtures and pipes from rust. It draws dissolved iron across its exchange resin to improve the service life of water pipes and fixtures.

Sadly, the package does not include all the things that you need to install the system. It is important that you check the hardware that you need when you purchase this system

What We Like

  • Your water hardness levels are reduced
  • Perfect for small houses and recreational vehicles use
  • Can reduce the amount of iron in water for improved rust protection
  • System is simple to install and regenerate
  • Lighter than other brands that have the same capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • The package does not include all the necessary hardware for installation

Can You put a Water Softener in a Crawl Space?

Yes, you can safely put a water softner ina  crawl space but that will depend on the space available.

Is it safe to install water filtration unit in crewel space of doublewide in NE TN?

To prevent your unit from freezing, you should get to the brine tank to add salt. For that price, I would rather have it in a 7-foot-tall heated room.

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