What is the Best Water Softener for Combi Boiler? SEE HERE!

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From experience, there’s nothing wrong with using the best water softener for combi boiler. However, I would still advise you double check with the manufacturers to be safe. Your plumber will have his own opinion on putting a water softener on a combi but I prefer a system to a combi. Go for AQUAPURE softener (CHECK ON AMAZON) or Fleck.

There is widespread misunderstanding of both water softening and combi boilers all over the internet.

Best Water Softener for Combi Boiler

Here are the three top rated combi boiler water softeners

Use bypass when filling up the central heating loop to be on a much safer side. The real issue here would be if the softened water was unsuitable for the hot water side area, as that would mean you would be unable to use soft water in the hot side and that beats the purpose of having a water softener anyway.

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Another method would be to pipe it up correctly so you can top up fill the central heating with untreated water and I can’t see any issue with running treated water through the heat exchanger plate.

Remember, it’s not the salt that softens your water. The minimal salt is only present after regeneration of the water softener. The salt cleans the hardness from the resin in the softener every 2-3 days usually at night time.

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Can I use Worcester Bosch Boiler with Water Softener?

You should install it. There’s nothing wrong with using Worcester Bosch boiler with a water softener. In fact, it will help descale the heat exchanger.

I have worked with more than 3 water softener companies and this question of – Can I use a water softener with my boiler? Has become a contentious issue for a lot of customers.

I have spoke with 5 boiler makers regarding this topic, including Ferroli, Ariston, Viessmann, Vaillant and Potterton (Baxi Group) and none of them ever mentioned the use of a water softener to void warranty as long as it functioned properly. In fact, 4/5 actually recommended you use a water softener.

Will A Water Softener Damage My Boiler?

A water softener works wit a combi boiler by getting rid of the scale in the heat exchanger of your already existing system. That improves performance and returns the system to its original efficiency.

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What if My worcester bosch boiler water softener Manual warns against CH part with softened water?

That’s not a problem at all. Just engage the bypass for the water softener and then run some hot water through to flush out the softened water before you fill up the central heating.

I have never heard warnings about running softened water via the hot water side – you should fit a water conditioner in hard water areas to prevent scaling up if you don’t want to use a water softener.

There’s not much on the HW side of a combi that might be damaged by softened water; only the plate heat exchanger really and that shouldn’t be affected.

There are thousands of commercial installations running softened DHW through PHXs. I ran a PHX water system (not a combi) on softened water for 4 or 5 years with no problems at all.

Can I Use A Water Softener with A Combi Boiler?

Yes, you can use a water softener with a combi boiler with no issues at all. All this talk of Salt in softened water is nonsense because salt is not added to the water supply with softeners.

Instead, it us used for cleaning and regeneration of the Resin which then softens the water. The salt tank features salt tank added to produce a Brine that is pushed through the resin tank to clean it and then jump out followed by flushing with Clean water to remove any remaining salt! during this process the house supply is shut off ( Bypassed ) and reopened after so NO SALT enters the house supply. If you have Salt? Salt Taste in your softened / drinking water your System is FAULTY and needs checking.

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Will Your Water Softener Work with A Combi Boiler?

An ion exchange water softener can work with a combi-boiler and eradicate all scale present in your current system.

By nature, lime and chalk becomes dissolved as water softeners gets to work. Heat plays a great role in speeding up the process of removal of these things. So, the combination of the two will help your system perform to its optimum.

Can a Combi Boiler Be Used with A Whole House Water Softener?

Yes. However, you should bypass the softener when filling the heating circuit but not for normal hot tap water. Water conditioners can be used on whole house supplies but when softeners are fitted there must be a separate drinking water tap.

Can My Combi boiler and water softener together?

There’s basically no reason why a combi could not be used to heat a hot water tank.

Is Condensing Boiler with Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and Hard Water Possible?

Yeah, it absolutely is. However, your best bet might be demineralizing water using Reverse OSMOSIS units and a stainless heat exchanger to increase it’s life expectancy.

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