7 Best Water Softener for Car Washing [Deionizers Included]

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Using the best water softener for car washing allows you enjoy a spot-less car wash, even when it dries.

Why is it so? It’s because it uses a deionized water system for car washing. Here are the advantages of using the best deionized water system for car washing:

  • It has no minerals so there is no spot on your car even when dry
  • It prevents swirls and scratches
  • It can be used to clean car electronics
  • It prepares your vehicle for a clear coat for waxing or sealants.
  • In the long run, it saves water, energy, money, and the environment.

Note: Remember that deionizers are designed to rinse cars, not wash them? However, they can be used for both but It will be an expensive carwash if you use it to wash your entire vehicle instead of just a final rinse.

7 Best Water Deionizers and Their Reviews

After our personal experience with several models, we have come up with an expert list of the best water deionizer for cars on the market.

A water deionizer system is best for rinsing your vehicle, car, and truck after washing.

The water deionizers for a spotless car wash reviewed here are high quality, widely rated, function exceptionally well and are affordable too.



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Best Water Softener for Car Washing

The water deionizer for cars reviwed here will guarantee you years of spotless car wash.

  • On the Go Spotless Portable Dual Bed Deionizer – Top Pick

Like the On The Go Mixed Bed Deionizer (reviewed below), this portable water softener for car wash is lightweight and perfect for travel-use.


It features dual tanks, so the resin is mixed as you can use it. The two tanks will fit in an area of 8” x 20”.

This unit can generate up to 630 gallons of deionized water at 200 ppm before you will need to recharge it, again.

It boasts of a 4-foot hose, polypropylene cam lever, a travel plug and a cap. Plus, a digital TDS meter.

This unit will produce 630 gallons of deionized water at 200 ppm before you need to recharge it.

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It comes with a four-foot hose, polypropylene cam lever, a cap, and a travel plug. Also included is a digital TDS meter.

The shipping is reimbursed if the unit is damaged or defective.

Our Experience

A bit pricey but 100% worth it. This is one of the best water deionizers you can get your hands on, online and offline.

We observed it processes two and a half more water and reduces our operating cost by more than 40% as compared to our previous mixed bed system.

We didn’t like the fact that the connector between the two tanks is very short. This didn’t stop the effectiveness of the product though but we later got another alternative connector.


  • Excellent for rinsing larger vehicles
  • High service life before needing to recharge
  • Helpful customer service


Shorter connection hose than we expected but still delivers

Needs a way to maneuver easier

Need an in-line water softener for car washing? Keep on reading for more options!

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  • On the Go Spotless Portable Mixed Bed Deionizer

Need a spotless car wash system that delivers excellently yet light enough to pack for travel? Then the On the Go Spotless Mixed Bed Deionizer is your FIX!

Weighing in at only 18lbs, and measuring 22” height by 6.75” diameter, this unit is easy-to-carry, and the head swivels 360 degrees for a connection from any direction for the inlet hose.


It can deliver up to 280 gallons of DI water at 200 RPM. In layman’s term, it will last for 45 vehicle rinses or 7 Class A RV rinses. How cool is that?

It features a 4-foot hose, cap and plug for travel, and a simple-to-read TDS meter. The TDS meter is handled and digital for error-free reading.

You simply recharge the deionizer with resin to get more life from it. You can purchase resin pellets from On the Go to replenish your unit.

Our Experience

We discovered; it is:

  • Perfect for travels or your driveway
  • Great for RV rinsing.
  • It does not need you to drain the water between uses
  • Rinsing on the go is easier and quicker
  • It leaves to spots after use

To make this unit even better, On the Go backs its product and has excellent customer service.


  • Recharge is easy
  • Leaves no spot, even when dry
  • Great customer service
  • The size makes it great for traveling.


Leaky connections possible

  • No Spots Pro Deionized Water Generator

Why go for a diy spotless car wash filter when you can save hours with No Spots Pro – a portable water deionizer that includes everything you need out-of-the-box.

This system produces completely deionized water, so it won’t leave any hard water spots even on black cars.


Each unit comes with an electronic TDS meter that measures the TDS level of input water.

Here’s a chart that shows the estimated yield based on the input water’s TDS level:

No Spots PRO Input TDS Level = Yield (# Gal)

50 ppm = 800 gallons – Mildly Hard Water

100 ppm = 400 gallons – Hard Water

200 ppm = 200 gallons – Very Hard Water

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400 ppm = 100 gallons – What, are you pouring concrete?

Sourced and made in the USA, the No Spots Pro water generator has a bypass valve. This allows you to use regular tap water without needing to alter the setup or your hoses.

Our Experience

With several customer feedbacks around the world, No Spots Pro typically reduces TDS to less than 20, and even less than 10 with fresh resin. This means you won’t see any water spots after rinsing your car with deionized water from this unit.


  • Made in the USA, this product is high quality.
  • Made primarily for vehicles, but works for other things like window washing as well
  • Comes with a TDS meter
  • No more drying with towels or worrying about water spots


On the pricey side

  • APEC Water System CWS-300

This top spotless car wash system is a uniquely designed unit that is primarily used for personal use.


The 20-inch canister captures dissolved solids. As it captures these solids, it releases hydrogen and oxygen into the water.

With a maximum pressure of 90 psi, there is no scale buildup with this unit. It weighs only 51 pounds with a flow rate of 15 GPM.

It is made in the USA with a long-lasting body and filters. It comes with a moveable stand with a handle and wheels.

This machine has long-lasting filters. It has dual specialty features to remove all mineral ions.

It comes with a moveable stand with wheels and a handle.

When you purchase an APEC water system, they donate to give people worldwide clean drinking water.

Our Experience

The moveable stand is really helpful and makes mobility really easy.

Using this system will make all surface shine. Surfaces we have tried it on include: Paint, chrome, glass, pet houses etc.

This is a large investment but absolutely worth the money in the long run. Maintenance is simple and operation is surprisingly easy too.

Overall, this water deionizer is heavy-duty, trouble-free, and clog-free.


  • Boasts of a movable stand
  • Simple to use
  • Great for washing house windows


Filters don’t have a long-life expectancy.

Need an in-line water softener for car washing? Keep on reading for more options!

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  • CR Spotless DI-120 Simplest RV & Car Wash System

Being the first in the world of DI for car washing use, CR units will leave your car, RVs, boats, and golf carts.


The DI-120 corners feature a 20-inch cartridge that will produce about 200 gallons of deionized water.

200 gallons is the average but depending on the water in your area, this unit can deionize 75-1000 gallons depending on the minerals and ions in your water.

The cartridge features a stand that makes lifting, moving and carrying so stress-free. It comes with a meter you can use to measure the life of the cartridge and is battery powered.

Besides the cartridge, you also get a stainless-steel input line, filter wrench, spray nozzle, and the purity indicator.

Our Experience

Although it does pack a few weights, this movable unit makes washing your car so much fun.

The meter can be quite confusing to beginners, so ensure you read the directions carefully.

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There are also limits on how much water flow can be pumped via the filter, so bear that in mind. You might also consider buying a flow restrictor to add to this water deionizer.

We enjoy how this unit comes completely pre-assembled and read to use once outside of the box. But, it is a game-changer and will save plenty of energy and time while washing your car. It leaves your car spotless without having to even dry it.


  • Comes fully pre-assembled
  • No need to dry your car so you save time
  • Works as expected


Heavy and bulky

  • Unger Rinse ‘n’ Go Spotless Car Washing System

The Unger Rinse is among one of the top affordable Water Deionizers for a Spotless Car Wash on the market made in the USA.

It gets rid of every spot-causing contaminant in your water, which results in pure water that doesn’t it leave any spots even on dark surfaces, or vehicles.

You can simply rinse, and then allow your car air dry.

The Unger Rinse ‘n’ Go unit is lightweight and more compact than most other deionizers, so you can easily transport it.

The system comes with a TDS meter, an eight-foot hose, a nozzle, and two resin filters.

Our Experiences

Although cheap, this deionizer still produces great results for most people. However, we discovered it typically works for first or two times and then begins leaving spots.

While it made out list of recommended unit, this system may not be able to produce the most consistent and stain-free results.

You may also need to be replacing the water resin filters fairly often. Unger claims it can support up to 11 car washes.

For best results, ensure you read the instructions. If spots do appear, it could be due to user error.


  • It is affordable
  • Lightweight and compact too
  • No need to hand dry


May not produce the most consistent results

  • AquaticLife Deionized Spot-Free Car Rinse Unit

Aquatic life Deionized kit comes with a plumber’s tape, mounting bracket, dual cartridges, adapters, a wrench, and a flow regulator.

Perfect for any vehicle, this dual deionizer gets rid of TDS (total dissolved solids) in water. Water then passes through a resin to purify it.

The resin then turns tan so you can see when you need to replace the cartridge.

The life expectancy of the cartridge is 1800 TDS. To use this water deionizer, connect it to a water supply, and use a fine mist water nozzle for a spot-free rinse.

Our Experience

This is the cheapest water deionizer on the market and we like it for the following reasons:

It comes with a flow regulator that helps protect your canisters

It works well with different kinds of water, including well water, tap water, and softened water.

Built to last, this unit is durable and also features a color-changing resin.


  • Color-changing resin
  • Two cartridges
  • Affordable


  • Assembly required
  • Slow flow rate

We hope you found the best water softener for car washing on this list that will help you help you save time, money, and energy and leave your vehicle looking shiny and new.

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