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The walk-in chicken coop you buy is an investment for many reasons.

Not only will it keep your chooks safe and secure, but it is likely to be the weakest link when it comes to keeping them safe from predators (and protecting your plants). So, spending a bit more than your budget guarantees better quality wire and overall build.

To get the best walk in chicken run for your yard, do your chicken maths, and figure out where you want to place it in your garden. Remember chickens require space and ground to dig.

Below are the best ready-made chicken runs you can buy, and some also come with a chicken coop if you want something ready to go.

Best Walk-In Chicken Run



  • Large Metal Chicken Coop Walk-in Poultry Cage

This chcicken walk in run is the best value for the money on the market right now.


The product is sturdy and keeps hawks away from your birds. The quality and sturdiness it provides is a steal for its price.

It is very sturdy and in fact I didnt even stake it in the ground as I feel I dont need to.

It wasn’t hard to assemble at all; I was worried about that at first but it was quite simple thanks to its labeled parts with stickers and the poles just interlock together with a button.

I put this together by myself in a few hours and had no issues.

The diagram in the instruction is simple to follow and you should have no issues with it.

The frame went together in about 15 minutes and the netting is just time consuming but just rolls out on the roof and sides without having to cut many pieces. Its the zip ties and wiring the ends together that is just a bit time consuming.

I hope this helps with your decision to purchase!

  • ALEKO Metal DIY Walk-in Chicken Coop or Chicken Run with Blue Waterproof Cover

Easy to assemble and it is sturdy. The netting is a combination of chicken wire and rubber hawk netting is excellent quality.


Hens are pets and this coop does a good job at securing them.

  • Large Metal Walk In Rabbit Hutch Chicken Cage Coop Backyard Hen House Enclosure

The outdoor cage is perfect for your backyard pets. It provides a secure area while still providing a large space for activities.


It is easy to assemble, and the durable UV and water-resistant cover protects your birds from weather and outside elements.

It is heavy-duty and has a Lockable steel door with a latch type and steel wire ties for extra safety, and easy for you to feed your chicken and clean the inside.

The wall of the chicken coop is produced from a PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh that is too solid and durable to damage. Plus, it has small gaps between meshes that adds safety to the birds you keep in it.

The Overall Dimension: 9’ft (L) x 18’ft (W) x 6’ft (H).

  • Regular 16 ft. Chicken Run – 7′ Wx16’Lx4’H

The paint on this chicken run protects it from rusting. Thus, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience with weather forces.


Easy to assemble. It is durable and your chickens can roam in and out feely thanks to its enhanced and innovative design.

It effortlessly protects your chickens from aerial and land predators.

The package arrives with everything you’ll need to assemble it along with an adaptor to make it accustomed to any of the OverEZ Chicken Coops.

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Best Walk-In Chicken Run

  • Chicken Coop – Walk-in

Made from aluminum frame and aluminim wire mesh, this chicken walk in cage features an overall dimension of 70″ x 95.3″ x 75.6″ (L x W x H), Inner dimensions: 95.3″ x 70″ x 75.6″ (W x D x H).


It is easy to assemble and great for your birds.

The versatile build allows it for plenty of uses: playing, training, exercising, or keeping your birds safe, making it a paradise for your feathered friends.

The customer service is great and it offers the extra security your birds need to be kept safe even when you’re not around.

  • YUEHUI Large Metal Chicken Coop,Walk-in Poultry Cage

Spotting a durable steel construction means this coop is solidly built with more than enough space for your chickens.


It isn’t easy to damage and its quick-connect frame allows for easy assembly.

It has a durable UV and water-resistant cover that can protect your chicken from outside elements  and weather too.

This galvanized coop protects and resists rust, fading and corrosion fading. Your coop is weatherproof and durable too.

For additional security, this coop uses lockable steel door design that is easy for you to feed your birds and clean the inside. It comes with a latch and steel wire ties for enhanced security.

No matter what is going on outside, you can be rest assured that your feathered friends are safe.

It is easy to clean and their customer care is helpful!

  • PawHut Galvanized Metal Chicken Coop Cage with Cover, Walk-in Pen Run

This cage comes in a style and size that makes it easy to adapt to most chicken coop designs while still offering plenty of space for your flock to roam free



Heavy-duty galvanized metal frame

Rust-resistant wire fencing

Water and UV-resistant cover

A Lockable door


Requires at least 2 persons to assemble

It lacks instruction manual

Flat roof forms puddles

Why We Like It: This chicken coop cage is made with a 12-foot long heavy-duty frame, rust-resistant wire fencing, water, UV-resistant roof cover, and a lockable galvanized door to keep predators out. This cage is great for chicken coop plans thanks to it being a great size for integrating into custom building plans and for housing small nesting set-ups inside.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone building their own chicken coop and is looking for an enclosed run to match would find amazing potential in this cage.

  • LONABR Outdoor Metal Chicken Coop Large Walk-in Poultry Cage Backyard Hen House with Chicken

Sturdy and simple to set up. It requires 1 or two person to completely set it up.


It features an actual chicken wire. The only con is that you will end up using more zipties than provided.

  • Feelway Large Walk-in Metal Chicken Coop Poultry Cage Hen House w/Chicken Run Cover for Farm Home use

This is a great chicken run/playpen. I bought this cage to keep my chicken coop inside of it and so far, it has been great.


It has lots of room and it needs only 2 people to assemble. I also added a lock on the door and bricks all around the outside bottom of the cage.

You can also take in a chair and sit and talk with your chickens.

Love it!!!

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