2 Best UV Pool Sanitizer Reviews – Are they Worth It?

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Delta UV is the best UV pool sanitizer out there. Yearly, I attend spa and swimming pool trade shows, and in the last 5 years, no competition has been able to beat them.

Delta UV is not only an amazing product, with different sizes to fit all applications, but it also has parts available if needed.

The best part? They only specialize in making UV Pool Systems so they know their stuff.

Best UV Pool Sanitizer Reviews

I did this article because a reader sent me an email requesting, I explain this in simple terms. So, excuse me if I leave out as much technology talk as I could. Alright! Let’s get in!

Note: The recommendations I make are for residential outdoor pools only.

The unit I use in my pool is the ES-46. The ES model stands for extra-special (lolz, not true from my experience). The 1 difference between the Delta ES and E series is the shiny stainless steel outer casing (true), I’ve recommended the regular E-series in this article because the ES series cost an additional $100.00, and does the same job.

However, the ES offers the same protection like those in a stainless-steel housing.

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Best UV Pool Sanitizer Reviews


  • My top choice after weighing all the pros and cons is Delta UV, encase you missed it somehow in this article. However, you can use the ES-46 if you want too. It’s amazing too!
  • The size of your pool does not matter… Just the flow rate.

I hope this has been helpful to you!

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