3 ‘SECRET’ Wired and Wireless Underwater Pond Camera

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In today’s post, we’ve decided to list here some of the best underwater pond cameras for the money:

Best Wired and Wireless Underwater Pond Camera

Without any further ado, lets check the  POE camera out:

  • Barlus Under Water Training Swimming Race 1080P 2.0mm Wide Lens IP68 Waterproof Camera


Before writing this post, we searched and tried different underwater cameras for 365 days and decided to try the Barlus. We first got the 304L model but later went for the 316L model. We now own two of them and will get two more for our kids. This camera is great for its price, and sure is better quality than most Chinese cameras out there.

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  • Solid, high-quality stainless material and build
  • Excellent customer support
  • Price is fair when compared with cameras that cost several thousands of dollars.
  • Features a super wide angle 2mm lens that gives perfect wide view of the underwater landscape
  • Works excellent in low-light situations
  • It can be powered by POE (over the ethernet wire) as it allows us to power it over the same wire carrying the data from a Ubiquity switch almost 300 ft away from the camera.


  • The software/firmware is fine but can be made better
  • The Auto White Balance/image quality is good but could be better.
  • We would appreciate an auto software update, not manually checking for updates, and installing.
  • The 304L camera has short/stockier frame and a mounting bracket while the 316L has a longer mounting bracket and lens tube. We would have loved both versions having similar add-ons.
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Underwater Pond Camera

  • Barlus Underwater Koi Pond Camera 304 Stainless Steel IP68 1080P 2MP POE IP Camera


This isn’t an underwater camera that can get wet. It really is designed for underwater viewing. Their support is excellent as well that I have recommended and bought 3 others for my friends.

I like the fact their app is available on my phone and iPad. I also use their VMS software on my Mac and their CMS software on PC both locally and remotely.

I have also used the IE browser on the PC to view the cameras. The IR lights are pretty cool at night but but they don’t penetrate the water very far. The cameras are connected using POE on my network and I just purchase a Barlus NVR that I’m looking forward to hooking up so I may view on my TV via hdmi

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  • Underwater Camera with Infrared LEDs Metal Construction Heavy Duty

This wired for ponds, wells, and rivers work great even if your pond is far from your home.

The camera is built heavy so it stays put when its inside the pond. It gives you a new perspective as to how you view fishes in the pond. I would also advise that you mark the top with a permanent ink (fingernail polish works great too) because it is easy to get in place and realize later that your fish are swimming upside down, haha.

The only con with this camera is that it might begin to rust around the bezel in less than a year. Aside that, it’s great value for the money.

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