What is the Best Umbrella for Pool Sleeve? ANSWER HERE!

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Like you, I used to get overwhelmed with umbrellas. We have handpicked some of the best umbrella for pool sleeves to try.

Note: Never use a wooden poled umbrella. The water makes it swell up and you’ll never get it out. I learnt that the hard way.

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Best Umbrella for Pool Sleeve

You either want an aluminum or fiberglass pole. Last year, I got 4 aluminum fabric 10’ diameter umbrellas for $119 each.

Investing in an umbrella that tilts is pretty much a waste in my opinion because you are unable to effectively position it if there is any wind at all. The hole in the tanning shelf is wider than the pole so, when the umbrella is tilted, it acts like a kite and spins into the direction of the wind

  • California Umbrellas

3 months ago, I picked up some 11’ California umbrellas at Amazon after many hours of shopping. I needed Sunbrella and aluminum poles to tackle the AZ sun. The best deal I found was on Amazon and that was after comparing their prices at Costco, Patio Shop, eBay, and SAMs.

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  • Sunbrella Fabric 10’

I’ve been excited with the Sunbrella fabric 10’ umbrella we bought from Amazon for my sister. It features a decent cranking mechanism and comes with an aluminum pole that is better to use with our salt system.


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I would make sure you don’t buy an umbrella that has a steel pole, for obvious reasons.

Best Umbrella for Pool Sleeve

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