What are the Best Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit? FIND OUT!

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The best tri fuel generator conversion kit is one that lets your generator to run on gasoline, propane or natural gas. And if properly installed, still keeps your generator warranty fully intact.

Best Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit

Here are some of the top-rated conversion kits for generators you can use.

Tri Fuel Conversion Kit For Predator Generator

  • Nature Gas Propane Tri Fuel Conversion Carburetor Kit for Predator Harbor Freight 3200 4000 Watts Gas Generator
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I installed this Carb kit on my 3500 GenSet and now I can run it on Propane. Been using this since 6 months ago and it works so well on propane.


It’s easier to start and pollute less.

Like, it starts on the first or second pull every time, no choking.

Tri Fuel Conversion Kit For Champion Generator

  • Champion 100155 Natural Gas Conversion kit

This takes less than 5 minutes to install. But once it kicks on, it’s continuous.


I love how easy this baby goes together.

Tri Fuel Conversion Kit for Westinghouse Generator

  • Tri-fuel Upgrade Kit Propane Natural Gas Kit Westinghouse WGEN9500DF Generator

This kit allows your Westinghouse generator to run on high pressure vapor pressure, low pressure propane, low pressure natural gas or gasoline.

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All parts are made in the USA so this is really worth every penny.

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Tri Fuel Conversion Kit For Generac Generator

  • Generac Generator LP Propane Natural Gas Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit Gas Generators

This Tri-fuel conversion kit will work with all the Generac carburetors.


The kit comes with all the needed parts to make the conversion a smooth process. Additional fuel lines, hoses, fittings, etc will be needed to connect this basic kit to your desired fuel source.

The center to center is apx. 1-7/8″. This package comes with all the supplies and instructions that lets you modify your current engine or generator to use natural gas, propane or gasoline.

Tri Fuel Conversion Kit For Yamaha Generators

  • Impco Yamaha Ef3000Ise Ef2800I Ef2400Is Generator Conversion Tri Fuel Propane Natural
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This is a Complete Tri-Fuel conversion kit that runs on high pressure propane, low pressure propane, low pressure natural gas or gasoline.


Seriously, you gotta try it!

  • Yamaha EF2200i Propane LP Natural Gas Generators Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit

This kit comes with all the needed parts for a simple and complete installation except for cylinder regulators, gas lines, and quick disconnects, etc.


This Tri-fuel conversion kit will allow your gas-powered Yamaha EF2000i generator to the next level.

The kit is crafted to work with a Yamaha EF2000i carburetors (mostly single cylinder 4hp).

The included instructions and supplies will allow you to modify your current ENGINE or GENERATOR to use propane, natural gas or gasoline.

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