10 Quick & Best Tree Shear for Skid Steer

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Using a skid steer with a tree shear attachment is an excellent option if a chainsaw proves too cumbersome.

Compared to other tree-felling equipment, it’s an excellent alternative for forestry workers, farmers, and agricultural experts who need trees to be felled quickly.

As many manufacturers compete for customers with tree shears with varied features, consumers need to be cautious when making a purchase.

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There are a variety of skid steer tree shear attachments available, but not all of them will fulfill your requirements or be compatible with your machine. Ensure you know what you’re dipping your toes into before buying something. Inputting up this buying guide, we hope to make it easier for you to make up your mind about what you want to buy.

Five of the best skid steer tree shear accessories have been identified and evaluated based on their quality and features by our team. This will help you discover the optimal tree shear attachment for your skid steer.

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Best Tree Shear for Skid Steer

Top 5 Skid Steer Tree Shear Attachments

  1. Blue Diamond Attachments


  • The cutting edge can be rotated 90 degrees, a significant advantage.
  • It’s a solid product.
  • It’s a pretty capable cutter.
  • It has a brush guard included.



  • It’s not as affordable as other gadgets available.
  1. Titan Attachments


  • The head may be turned 90 degrees.
  • Heat treatment of the blades ensures long-term performance.
  • The couplers and hoses are supplied.
  • Twelve-inch diameter trees are no match for this saw.
  • To fit a wide range of skid steers, the attachment is universal.
  • For the price, it’s a steal, especially when purchased online.



  • If trees fall on the skid steer, the blade is not tapered to minimize this risk
  1. Dymax


  • It’s manufactured in the United States, which is a plus for specific purchasers.
  • Even at ground level, it’s capable of cutting.
  • Solid cast shearing arms are 60% stronger than manufactured steel.
  • Its universal mount coupler hook may be mounted on virtually any new skid steer.
  • An optional sprayer kit system is also available.


  • There is no hydraulic rotation.
  • Trees are out of the question.
  • To trim fence lines, it cannot spin.

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  1. Sidney Attachments TBL1000


  • The fact that it’s manufactured in the United States is a big selling point for specific purchasers.
  • It’s easy to carry around because it’s so light.
  • It has a 110-degree rotational capability.
  • It is capable of cutting tree trunks flat with the ground.
  • Because of this, the pivot points can be adjusted.
  • The design of the blade helps to ensure that the tree falls in the opposite direction of the user.


  • Not as robust as some of the competition in terms of cutting capability.
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  1. Skidsteers


  • It has a brush guard included.
  • A 20-inch diameter tree can be cut down with it.
  • When it comes to cutting down a hardy tree, one bite is all it takes.
  • The brush will be sliced apart by it.
  • The fact that it’s made in the United States is a big selling point for specific purchasers.
  • It does not impact a lot of damage to the landscape.
  • Accessories for tree felling are available for purchase.


  • It’s a lot of money.
  • Buying it through the manufacturer’s website is cheaper than from Amazon.
  • Not only is the purchase price lacking, but most other tree shears contain couplers.

Factors to consider before Choosing a Tree Shear Attachment

Type of Work

If you’re in the store for a new skid steer attachment, such as a tree shear, make sure it’s the proper one for the job before you buy it.

Is this attachment required for the completion of your work? Is it strong enough? Does your skid steer have what it takes to handle the job at hand?

Think about the job at hand before you go out and buy a tree shearing machine. Are the trees tall? How much can the skid steer tree shear cut before it needs to be re-tooled?

Skid steer tree shear attachments come in numerous varieties, and the type of work you do will point to which one is best for you.


When working with skid steers and attachments, it is crucial to keep yourself safe. When safety precautions aren’t taken, it can lead to significant injury or death. Skid steers with tree shear attachments have already been blamed for several fatalities in the legal system.

Never operate a skid steer unless you are well-versed in its operation, and always adhere to the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Here are a few additional safety guidelines to keep you and your equipment safe:

  • Check the area before cutting down trees to ensure no obstructions.
  • Use gloves and safety gear while operating the skid steer.
  • Keep an eye out for shear blades and use extreme caution when near them.
  • Under no circumstances should you use a skid steer when impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Take your time and be cautious when using the machine.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the machine and any nearby obstructions.
  • When using the tree shear attachment, you must remain seated at all times.
  • The machine and its attachments should always be maintained to the highest possible performance standard.
  • Never work on the skid steer or tree shear attachments if they are in motion or powered on to avoid injury.


Even though they’re adaptable, tree shear attachments aren’t made to handle all kinds of trees. Despite its convenience, each brand has a maximum tree felling and removal capacity.

What you may and cannot do depends on your particular skid steer and your purchase attachments. The list of characteristics for each skid steer available for purchase should be carefully examined while looking at the various options available to you.

Some work best with high-flow skid steers, while others are better suited to standard-flow models. Make sure the cutting capacity is adequate for the task at hand before making a purchase.


Using a skid steer tree shear, a worker must hold the tree, cut it down, and remove it from the work area.

Hydraulic cylinders with bolt sets and couplers are part of the mainframe of a tree shear device. Couplers are used to connect the cylinders to the tree shear arm. However, even though they may seem different from one manufacturer, these features perform the same function.

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Attention to component quality will help you distinguish between one product and another. The framework and the tree grips must be strong enough to handle a lot of weight.


All skid-steer and equipment operators will be well-versed in the maintenance of their equipment. As a result of this time-consuming maintenance, skid steer attachments are often overlooked.

It would help if you established a checklist to make you realize to operate your skid steer tree shear before and after each use and activities to complete after a week or season of use. Many of these can be seen in the instruction manual.

We’ve put up a list of things you can do to keep your skid steer tree shear in top shape:

  • Assemble and inspect all nuts and bolts as well as pins or keepers.
  • All of the pivot points should be lubricated. It’s recommended that you use lithium grease or anything similar on these.
  • Replace any guards or shields that are damaged or worn out.
  • Repair or replace any parts or components that are broken or defective.
  • Make sure there are no oil or hydraulic fluid leaks. Replace or repair any damaged or worn hoses.
  • Determine if it’s time to sharpen or replace the blade, and do so.
  • Ensure that the skid steer tree shear is free of rust and filth before use.
  • Keep rust at bay by repairing and painting any blemishes in the paint.


The price of a tree shear might vary widely, and it’s up to you to judge whether the lowest price tag indicates appropriate purchasing for your needs and whether the higher-priced item does.

Budgets are notoriously difficult to stick to, in part because specific equipment specs can drastically influence your final cost.

You should anticipate paying anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 for any skid steer tree shears on the market, whether you buy online or in stores.

Who Sells Tree Shears for Skid Steer Attachments?

In the minds of many, the most acceptable deal on tree shears is to be acquired in a store that carries the best-known brands and models. But there are a plethora of additional choices for customers.

It’s easy to see how Amazon.com prioritizes the requirements of its customers. Skid steer attachments are frequently hundreds of dollars less expensive compared to retail prices than the same products purchased in-store.

The best location to acquire a tree shear attachment for a skid steer is on the internet in most circumstances. The best way to get the most excellent attachment for your needs is to research and compare prices from various manufacturers and brands.

In the middle of the woods, will a skid steer be able to bring down trees if the terrain is clayey?

Skid steers with tracks are the way to go. Wheeled machines work, but they can easily get trapped if it’s raining. In addition, they have no suspension; therefore, they can be dangerously bouncy in any stairstep, ledge, or stump situation because of this. Using rubber tire skid steers in rough woodlands or sidehills is not recommended. Suitable for flat to moderately sloping terrain and better conditions For rough, rocky terrain, a 4wd tractor is a better option. Nevertheless, in the corral, nothing beats a skid steer.

They used a skidder to remove large trees from the ground, no. When driving in reverse, the machines are too light. Large trees can be sawed into 6-10ft logs and moved with forks or a brush grapple up to the rated weight capacity of the tools.

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Tree-pulling attachments for Skid Steers Aim Higher Than Trees:

We know that a skid steer loader is one of the most flexible pieces of technology you own, but the accessories make this flexibility possible.

You’ll find a wide variety of attachments for skid steers, including some that can be used for a variety of different tasks, as well as some that are specialized for their intended function. The skid steer tree puller is one of these specific attachments. ‘

Tree removal is an everyday use of the tree puller attachment. However, many do not understand that its versatility extends beyond that. Our skid steer tree puller attachment will be put to good use in various ways in this post.

A Tree Puller Attachment Can Do What Else?

There are several uses for a skid steer tree puller, but the principal function is to remove trees from the ground. Other forms of vegetation can also be removed with this attachment, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.

With the tree puller attachment, you can easily remove huge plants or bushes from the ground without damaging them. In addition, it can be used to remove massive overgrown plants and stumps from the ground.

You can also remove posts with your skid steer tree puller as an added benefit. Removing a fence post can be a labor-intensive process that necessitates much effort on your part. One person can’t do it all by himself in many circumstances. Using this attachment, you may swiftly and efficiently remove fence posts from the ground without any difficulty. It could save you a lot of time if you’re working on a long string of postings.

The advantages of using a Skid Steer Tree Puller.

With a tree puller attachment, all of these chores become a whole lot less difficult. A skid steer may be driven up to the tree or post, and the jaws of the machine can be used to pull it to safety.

The first advantage of using a tree puller accessory is that it frees up your time to do other things. An individual, rather than a group of people, can more quickly and safely raise trees or posts by pulling them up with chains.

Another benefit of this connection is that it can remove a tree or bush’s root system in its entirety. When you pull it all out at once, you don’t have to worry about the roots remaining in the ground. A spade on the front of some tree puller attachments is also useful for removing and digging up roots before the process begins.

What to Look For

Before purchasing a tree puller attachment, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the following when purchasing a skid steer tree puller:

The machine’s capacity to operate: The skid steer’s most major constraint is its operational capacity. Larger trees can be hauled by machines with more pulling power.

Having a larger jaw opening allows you to operate on larger trees.

Attributes that make it safer: Look for safety measures like an operator guard and a cylinder guard.

Different species of plants and trees have different root systems. A more powerful attachment or skid steer may be needed for plants with longer or thicker roots, or you may need to labour to loosen them up.

With heavy soil, you’ll need extra strength to lift the plants to the surface.

Skid steer attachments should always be evaluated for their build quality and materials before being purchased. Look for high-quality materials and well-done labour.

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